Balder Hjel

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Balder Hjel
Balder Hjel.jpg
22nd Prime Minister of Norgsveldet
In office
21st November 2013 – 24th November 2016
MonarchOlav I
Preceded byOlav Bergenser
Succeeded byJohanna Sverdrup
Leader of the National Centre Party
In office
1st October 2013 – 31st October 2016
Preceded byOlav Bergenser
Succeeded byJohanna Sverdrup
Minister of Finance
In office
1st December 2005 – 21st November 2013
Preceded byJan Haakonson
Succeeded byJonathan Mikkelsen
Personal details
Balder Erik Hjel

(1945-11-01) 1 November 1945 (age 77)
Osfjord, Norgsveldet
Political partyNCP
SpouseMarit Hjel

Balder Erik Hjel (born 1st November 1945) was a retired Norgsveltian politican and former leader of the Norgsveltian party NCP, who served as Norgsveltian Minister of Finance between 2005 and 2013, as prime minister he lead a minority goverment between 2013 to 2016, in which he retired out of politics all together. Ideologicaly he identified himself more as a typical liberal conservative, in which he was considered more socialy liberal and economicaly liberal then Olav Bergenser. In which he was dependent on support from the Liberal National Party to pass legislation.

His goverment most known for being less agressive then the previous Norgsveltian goverments, with both former prime ministers Magrete Kverheim and Olav Bergenser being known for more agressive foreign policy decisions. His most noticable foreign policy achievement was his contribution within the Irnac Convention, in which he helped settle the diplomatic disputes between Volscina and Durakia over the region of Ietracia. He also mediated the cease fire talks between Blaskog and Syrtænzna over The East Ragnarstat War, in which the two nations agreed to the Hirdvik Protocals in which fighting between two belligerents would stop in search for a compromised peace agreement. Though fighting stopped for a year in 2014, it once again started up after both sides broke the agreement. Though it was succesful in decreasing amount of causalties from both sides.

He is also known for helping Johanna Sverdrup rising up in party ranks, even making her one of his trusted economic advisers during his time as prime minister.