State of Morstaybishlia

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State of Morstaybishlia

State of Morstaybishlia flag
Anthem: "Forever my State"
StatusUnrecognised state
CapitalFort Staynes
Common languagesStaynish
Demonym(s)Staynish, New Morstian
GovernmentCapitalist Dictatorship
• 1 August 2003 - 18 October 2004
George Vermana
• 18 October 2004 - 24 September 2005
Zecrod Furista
Historical era21st century
• Declared independence
1 August 2003
• Disestablished
24 September 2005
Today part ofGreat Morstaybishlia

The State of Morstaybishlia was an unrecognised nation state that existed within the Province of Horkalo of Staynes. It was self declared by a militia that took control of Fort Staynes and the coastal towns of the province from August 2003 to September 2005.

The nation survived by using political and royal hostages. The leadership changed twice; Georgio Vermana and Zercrod Furista.

A covert operation led by the Imperial Marines saw the hostages taken into safety and subsequently Great Morstaybishlia led an invasion alongside Auroran Continental Assembly and North Shield Treaty Organization members, taking back the unrecognised state after three days.

Zecrod Furista and high ranking military personnel survived and escaped Aurora somewhere in Yasteria.

Zecrod Furista

Zecrod Furista; April 2005

Zecrod Furista was born on 2 January 1950 in the city of Horilan. He grew up motherless and with a military veteran as a father. He left home at 13 and slept rough for the remainder of his childhood. He joined the military during the Auroran Imperial War and rose to Captain during his long and prosperous career. After retiring from 27 year of active service in 2000 Furista moved to Fort Staynes where he worked as a PE teacher but quickly was drafted back into military service under the State of Morstaybishlia. Being one of few military personnel above the rank of Captain he progressed to Brigadier. Becoming loyal to the new regime, Furista became Ethnarch as a result of the death of Georgio Vermana. He gained international reputation after he killed one of his political hostages Peter Matthaus Burgundy Visteue who was former Mayor of Fort Staynes. He then went on to gain his title "The Hated" following the King's speech in 2006.

It is widely believed that Zercrod Furista went into exile somewhere in Yasteria following the collapse of the State. However, the exact whereabouts is widely speculated. In December 2017, CCTV footage in Haderslev, Asendavia, suggests the man is alive.