Jeanne Pierre

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Jeanne Pierre
NationalityNormand; Côtois
EducationCollège de Côte
Alma mater
  • Bachelors in Political Science
  • Bachelors in Sociology
  • Masters in Political Science (Ethnic Relations)
OccupationPrime Minister
Years active2020 - On Going
Height1.57 Meters
Term2020 - ongoing
PredecessorJudith Ardouin
Political partyFederal Socialist Party
SpouseAurélia Pierre

Jeanne Thea Pierre (born December 18, 1992) is an Normand- Côtois politician who is the 8th and current prime minister of the Federation of the Southern Coast. A member of the Federal Socialist Party, she served as the minister of the 'Ethnic Equality' from 2013 to 2017 in Ardouin's cabinet. She is an outspoken anti-Vistaraland politician and out-going foreign policy, has caused much controversy with her critics stating she's acting overly war hawkish with it's own citizens and with Vistaraland.

Jeanne was born and raised in Batsong, Normand. She studied at the College-de-Cote. She became the youngest MP in Federation history after she was elected to the Federal Parliament for Normand in 2015. She is also the first half-nekomimi Prime Minister of the Federation.

Jeanne defeated incumbent prime minister Judith Ardouin in the 2020 redress election. Pierre is the youngest prime minister, the first from Normand, and the fourth Akuanist. Her early prime minister activity centered around proposing, lobbying for, and signing into law the Anti-Extremists bill of 2021 which aimed to de-armed militias, increase the policing funding to the states within the federation, authorized military equipment for Special Services Law Enforcement and put pressures on organizations that promoted Hirdism ideals, by banning them using bank services located in the Federation or it's allies. Pierre released news about the Star Kindle Project to the public in February 2022.

Pierre's passion project and corner stone of her foreign policy, the Red Crown Economic Union came into fruition in 2022 after a series of talks between several allied nations of the Federation and Ingrid the Reclaimer of Nystatiszna after the [SPOILER] in exchange for [SPOILER].

Early Life

Jeanne Thea Pierre born December 18, 1992, at Laerdal's Hospital in Batsong, Normand, to Marie-Claude Pierre and Samual Thea Pierre. The youngest child in a Akuanist community in dense Astru city. Growing up as a religious minatory, she was citing during an interview with the Red Dove News in the 2020 Redress Election, that growing up in a mix ethnic and sapient household that worshipped a religion different from all her friends gave her a unique perspective. Marie-Claude was of Normand descent, while Samual had Jardinières ancestry.

Pierre's family has always been poor however after her birth, the factory her parents was employed at, 'Rosebagh's furniture'. Batsong rose into economic prosperity during the 1996 the Second Automotive Boom, and Pierre's father was elected to a manager position in the factory. Beginning in 2005 when Pierre was still an pre-teen, the family lived an small row house in Batsong, Normand, before moving to a townhouse in a Akuan neighborhood. At Arrowhead Academy in Batsong, Pierre played hockey as team captain on the high school hockey team. A talent student and gifted speech, she was class president in her during years in high school.



Community Activism and Masters Program

Family and Personal Life

Parliament Service

Federal Parliament


Redress Election (2020)

Space Exploration
Military Expansion Bill Stance

She stated several times during the People's Royal Debate, that she wants the already large increase in the Bill to be increased again. Stating that now more than ever the people need a shield against the imperialism of Vistaraland and other hostiles powers.

Anti-Vistaraland Stance & Irredentism

During the election race she was photographed meeting with Péninsule Unie, a irredentism political group that aims united the Yasteria peninsula under one socialist federation. When questioned by Federation Times, she stated she wasn't a member of the Péninsule Unie and when asked to denounce the group as war hawks and extremists, she only denounced the violence they spout. Stating that the ideals they have merit, further developing it's something the Federation should work towards democratically and without force or violence.

In many of her speeches she denounces Vistaraland imperialism and the unfair terms created under the Guilder's Strait Conflict. Stating the demilitarization was completely unnecessary and existed only to keep the Federation chained. Doubling down stating that Noorvic people are Coasterns enslaved by Vistaraland and pledged to assist in the creation of a Nooric republic under the Federation banner.

She pledged to created a ministry that look into methods to decrease economic dependence on trade with Vistaraland. Then pledged to create a second ministry to look into alternate methods of exporting goods besides through the Guilder's Strait.


On several occasions she has public voiced to change the foreign policy strategy of the Federation from the previous mindset of diplomacy of defensive posturing to a more outgoing approach. The aim being to create closer ties with socialists nations around the Urth, both economically and defensively. Believing the Federation has a moral duty as one of the most powerful socialists nations on Urth to not only defend socialist countries from unwarranted aggression but to assist in the development of socialism within those countries.

Navy Expansion

During the People's Royal Debate, Pierre pushed for the creation of new Federation navy composed primarily of submarines and creation of over bases around the Urth to directly challenge Vistaraland's navy and their colonial holdings. Pushing forward a controversial naval doctrine of having sub fleets and resupply bases all around the planet, with the express purpose using "guerrilla warfare" strategies against larger country's navies.

Prime Minister (2020-present)