Balistrian Coalition War

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Balistrian Coalition War

White phosphorus smokescreen rockets fired by a Tretridian aircraft
Date16 October 2020-19 December 2020

 South Hills
Upper Suvania
Western Provinces

Army of Progress (Indirect Support)
Lower Suvania
Commanders and leaders
Alksearia Eldras VI  
Alksearia Princess Dorothea
South Hills Minerva Todd
Norgsveldet Olav I
Norgsveldet Johanna Sverdrup
Sokala Domingo Rolex
Tavaris Šano Šonai Tuvria
Alexander Ruhm
Vitaly Fletcher
Areuína Karnéias
Jariano II
Tunsedoro Tejedor
Tretrid Eoforwine Æthelstanesunu
Tretrid Hroðulf Oswineson
Vistaraland Marium I
Dashiin Jasrai
Sholban Baatar
Karl Martin
Milan Fisher
Anay Dekker
Brigid Aodha
Yuk’kot’um Whit’chest
Iphelklori Boris Romanov
Iphelklori Yukov Otis
Ukhnaagiin Khulan
Tsakhiagiin Ganzorig
Units involved

Alksearia 152,524

  • Kuthernburg 61,000
    Sokala 10,555
  • Norgsveldet 62,000
    Tavaris 19,000

South Hills 63,000
Tretrid 50,000
Vistaraland 42,000
Asendavia 30,000

Total: 847,674

Iphelklori 20,000

Total: 323,000

The Balistrian Coalition War, also known as the Second Alksearian-Balistrian War, started on 16 October 2020 after the assassination of King Eldras VI on live television. During the early days of the war, Alksearia fought on their own against Balistria. As more allied forces came to aid Alksearia, the tide of the war shifted dramatically and quickly.

The end of the war was negotiated in Ouroboros, Balistria.

Background Info that will later be expanded on:

-The Fourth Alkari-Balistrian War ended sometime around the end of the Great War (probably like 1918)

-Diplomatic relations re-opened in 1925 post the two nations joining the IF

-Eldras VI crowned in 1993, Whit'chest "elected" Grand Vizier in 2000

-Relations sour starting in 2005 after a "landslide" victory for Whit'chest after being down by 10%

-Eldras denounces the election and the Balistrian regieme

-2019 diplomatic everything closed; relations coldest they have been in years

-New Years Day 2020, Eldras VI announces his ambition to support the Opposition in Balistria

-June-August 2020, Council of viziers deliberate, meet, vote, indict, and convict Eldras VI of "crimes against Democracy"

-War begins on 16th October 2020; looks to be a massive Balistrian victory

-the war effort starts to stall out in late October/early November due to over extension and the beginning of the UCA/NSTO coalition forces arriving

-Meagharian forces arrive. For some reason, morale starts to improve, and the rate of crucifictions do too. Pure coincidence obviously.

-Balistria is nearly fully occupied by Mid-December

-Surrender on 19th December 2020 (NOT AN OFFICAL DATE BUT IT WORKS MAN)

-Coalition Victory, Balistria annexed and partioned