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National Centre Party

Nasjonale Senterpartiet
LeaderJohn W. Vultz
Founded10th April 1851
Preceded byNone
HeadquartersOsfjord, Norgsveldet
Political positionCentre-right politics
International affiliationNone
Colors  Purple

The National Centre Party (Norgsveltian: Nasjonale Senterpartiet) frequently abbreviated to NCP is considered a Centre to Centre right party in Norgsveldet. It is the currently largest party and the main opposition party of Norgsveldet under the leadership of John W. Vultz. It is the oldest party in Norgsveldet, the party advocate for economic liberalism, tax cuts, increased military spending and cuts on social spending. The party despite being the largest in Norgsveldet had lost massive support after the Norgsveltian constitutional crisis of 2022.