Durakan Volunteer Corps

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Durakan Volunteer Corps
Active1959 - present
Country Durakia
Allegiance Durakia
Revolutionary Partisan Front (1959-1962)
Noorvic People's Army (1985-1986)
Republican Meremaa (1990-1994)
East Arkalarius (2003-2005)
Meagharia (2018-2019)
Alksearia (2020)
HeadquartersHailykt, Durakia
Nickname"Copper Star Batallion" or "Yorsh Army"
Motto"Unas Kreig za Zerda's Revolyta" Staynish: Our War for Urth's Revolution
MarchLednya ov der Yientni Front
EngagementsEkvatori Revolutionary War
Meremaa Civil War
Guilder's Strait Conflict
Arkian Civil War
Meagharian Civil War
Irnac War
Balistrian Coalition War
General SecretaryGen. Alexamder Ruhm
Head of the Expeditionary ForcesBrig. Gen.Vitaly Fletcher
Flag of the DVC

The Durakan Volunteer Corps are a state-funded Paramilitary organised by the Miner's Republic of Durakia to send abroad. The group was founded in 1958 following the end of Conscription in Durakia.