Social Democratic Union

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Social Democratic Union

Социал-Демократический Союз
ChairmanYevgeniy Tulamov
President of VolkiaYuliya Surkova
Vice PresidentVladimir Burmakin
Speaker of the ChamberStefania Nevzorova
Federal Council
Majority Leader
Yefim Luzhkov
FoundedJune 4, 1970; 52 years ago (1970-06-04)
Student wingCollegiate Social Democrats
Youth wingYoung Social Democrats
Women's wingUnion of Social Democratic Women
Overseas wingSocial Democrats Abroad
Membership (2019)9,557,102
 • Social democracy
 • Nationalism
 • Liberalism
 • Progressivism
 • Left-wing populism
Seats in the Federal Council
43 / 78
Seats in the Chamber of Deputies
267 / 505
14 / 26
Provincial Legislature Seats
3,419 / 6,345
Election symbol
Social Democratic Union Electoral Logo.png

The Social Democratic Union (SDU) (Volkian: Социал-Демократический Союз (СДС)) is one of the major political parties in the Volkian Federative Republic. As of 2022, it is the current ruling party of the Volkian Federative Republic. The SDU is the largest political party in Volkia. As of August 2022 it holds a federal government trifecta: 267 (or 52.8%) of the 505 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 43 (or 55.1%) of the 78 seats in the Federal Council. It also holds 14 of the 26 governorships, 1,471 of 2,754 upper house seats and 1,948 of 3,591 lower house seats in the provincial legislatures, and the mayorality of most major cities. Yuliya Surkova is the first woman and youngest politician in Volkian history to hold the office of the presidency.

The SDU was formed on June 4, 1970 as a response to growing corruption and political instability that was occurring in Volkia during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The SDU framed themselves as the party that could fix the perceived problems in Volkian society. Then-President Matvei Lukyanov attacked the new party in July 1970 and said they were "searching for blue roses" by promising sweeping social reforms. The SDU embraced the image of the blue rose and would go on to be known as the "Blue Rose Party" in Volkian politics. In the 1972 elections, the SDU swept the elections and established majorities in both the Federal Council and the Chamber of Deputies, and won the presidency. The SDU has since remained in power and is responsible for many fundamental policies of Volkian society.

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