Valentin Botvinnik

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Valentin Botvinnik
Valentin Andreievich Botvinnik

(1903-12-01)December 1, 1903
Korkino, Volkia
DiedNovember 16, 1974(1974-11-16) (aged 70)
Korkino, Volkia
Cause of deathEmphysema
Resting placeBlack Hills Memorial Park, Korkino, Volkia
  • Professor
Known forVictim of police brutality and voter intimidation that fueled ongoing protests, riots, and civil disobedience.

Valentin Andreievich Botvinnik (December 12, 1903 - November 16, 1974) was a Volkian man who was a victim of police brutality and voter intimidation. On July 13, 1970, during the 1970 general elections in Volkia, Botvinnik was beaten by agents of the Skopa Special Police Unit for wearing a campaign button of an anti-Lukyanov candidate in Akusha Oblast. Officers from the Volkian Federal Police (VFP) were driving by when they witnessed the incident and stopped. After the ensuing argument, the VFP officers fired on the Skopa agents, killing one and wounding two others. The incident was picked up by national news media and further fueled the flames of the Volkian Revolution.

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