Volkian language

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bолкский язык
Native toVolkia and Volkian diaspora
Native speakers
95 million (2019)
  • Western Iturian
    • Lupine
      • Volkian
Early form
Old Lupine
Volkian Braille
Official status
Official language in
Flag of Volkia.png Volkia
Regulated byVolkian Language Institute
Language codes
ISO 639-1vk
ISO 639-2vlk
ISO 639-3vlk

Volkian (bолкский язык, tr. volkskiy yazyk) is an Iturian language native to the Volkians in western Itur. It is the official language of Volkia and is widely used in Volkian immigrant communities worldwide.

Flag of Volkia.png Volkian Federative Republic Flag of Volkia.png
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