Volkian korona

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Volkian korona
Волкский корона (Volkian)
Korona sign
ISO 4217
PluralMultiple ways to construct plurals
SymbolӃ, VOK, or VӃ
NicknameVok, Kor
 Freq. usedӃ5, Ӄ10, Ӄ20, Ӄ50, Ӄ100, Ӄ200
 Rarely usedӃ1, Ӄ500
 Freq. used1ҟ, 5ҟ, 10ҟ, 25ҟ, Ӄ1, Ӄ2
 Rarely used50ҟ
Date of introduction1728 (under the Kingdom of Volkia)
User(s) Volkia
Central bankBank of Volkia
PrinterVolkian Banknote Company
MintFederal Volkian Mint
Inflation1.9% (2019)

The Volkian korona (symbol: Ӄ; code: VOK; Volkian: Волкский корона, tr. Volkskiy korona) is the official currency and legal tender of Volkia. The korona is subdivided into 100 kusky.

'Korona' is the Volkian word for 'crown' whereas 'kusok' is the Volkian word for 'piece.' The currency was originally introduced in 1728 by the Kingdom of Volkia and underwent a major design change in 1888 following the abolition of the Volkian monarchy. During the transition from monarchy to federation, koronas minted before the revolution were known as 'royal koronas' while ones minted afterwards were known as 'Federal koronas.' Only the Federal Volkian Mint is permitted to manufacture or mint coins, founded as the Royal Volkian Mint in Volkgoroda in 1728.

The currency underwent redenomination in the 1970s as a result of inflation in the late 1960s. On January 1, 1974, 10,000 old korona (VLK) became one new korona (VOK). Since then the currency has remained relatively stable, with an exchange rate of around 2 korona for one South Hills Dollar.

Before the korona

The predecessors of the korona were the funt, zoloto, and the otmetka. The funt was used by the northern kingdoms while the otmetka was used by the eastern kingdoms. The zoloto was in use in Volkia's predecessor states and remained in use when the Kingdom of Volkia rose in 1577. The zoloto would go on to become the korona, named for the crown of the Volkian monarchy heavily featured on the obverse of zoloto coins. The zoloto would be replaced with the korona in 1728 following a period of hyperinflation.

Royal korona

The royal korona

Federal korona


Normal coins

Denomination Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Mass (g) Composition Edge Obverse Reverse Common name First issued Current issue
1 kusok (1ҟ) 19.5 1.45 3.21 Copper-plated steel Plain Volkian coat of arms Value with a leaf ornament and year of minting piece
1728 2005
5 kusky (5ҟ) 21.35 1.95 4.50 Nickel-plated steel nickel
10 kusky (10ҟ) 17.15 1.20 1.75 Reeded tenth crown
25 kusky (25ҟ) 24.25 1.80 5.75 Brown bear Value with ornament and year of minting quarter crown
1748 2012
50 kusky (50ҟ) 30.20 2.25 9.15 Snowy owl half crown
1 korona (Ӄ1) 27.45 2.00 8.10 Brass-plated steel Irregular reeds, lettered Moose Value with stars and year of minting moose
2 krony (Ӄ2) 29.45 2.25 9.50 Nickel-plated steel ring with brass-plated steel center Gray heron heron

Commemorative coins


Normal banknotes

See also: Patriotic series (banknotes)

Value Main color Obverse Reverse Current issue Circulation
Ӄ5   Blue Aleksey Pushkarev (1830 - 1904), 1st President of Volkia Revolution Square with Volkian coat of arms April 17, 2018 Wide
Ӄ10   Green Stefan Gurkovsky (1873 - 1960), 7th President of Volkia Gelendzhik Dam, wetlands, and a gray heron
Ӄ20   Purple Viktoriya Smirnova (1873 - 1934), poet and writer Volkian National Library
Ӄ50   Yellow Vasily Tolmachyov (1835 - 1906), 2nd President of Volkia National Assembly Building
Ӄ100   Orange Vadim Sorokin (1854 - 1927), naturalist and scientist Image of wolves, a golden eagle, and beakers
Ӄ200   Red Evgeniya Dragomirova (1863 - 1931), historian and women's rights activist Volkgoroda Federal University and the 1901 Women's March
Ӄ500   Pink Timofey Knyazev (1842 - 1915), attorney and 1st Chief Justice of Volkia Volkian Federal Supreme Court Building Limited

Commemorative banknotes

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