Socialist Labor League

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Socialist Labor League

Социалистическая рабочая лига
Secretary GeneralIskra Pronicheva
Deputy LeadersLuba Zhuka
Aleks Bolshov
Andrei Chayka
FoundedNovember 5, 1912; 111 years ago (1912-11-05)
Membership (2019)3,987,204
 • Democratic socialism Factions:
 • Communism
 • Left-wing socialism
 • Social democracy
 • Anarchism
Seats in the Federal Council
4 / 78
Seats in the Chamber of Deputies
21 / 505
1 / 26
Provincial Legislature Seats
345 / 6,345

The Socialist Labor League (SRL; Volkian: Социалистическая рабочая лига, tr. Sotsialisticheskaya rabochaya liga) is a major democratic socialist political party in Volkia.

It is the fourth largest party in Volkia in terms of membership with 3,987,204 party members in 2019. As of February 2023, the party holds four seats in the Federal Council, 21 seats in the Chamber of Deputies; it also holds one governorship and 345 provincial legislature seats.

There have been two SRL presidents, the most recent being Viktor Dyatlov who served as the 10th President of Volkia from 1949 to 1953.

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