Volkian Civil War

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Volkian Civil War
DateJune 24, 1885 - February 19, 1888
(2 years, 7 months, 3 weeks and 5 days)
  • Assassination of Yuri IV
  • The Volkian monarchy is abolished
  • Creation and rule of the Volkian Provisional Government
  • Establishment of the Volkian Federative Republic and the Vozhdom of the Tolpas
  • Blaskog seizes control of Isles of Ragnaeyjr
  • Widespread social and economic change

Volkian monarchy

Supported by:
Commanders and leaders
Aleksey Pushkarev
Boris Permyakov
Vasily Tolmachyov
Gennady Malinovsky
Ivan Mishinev
Yuri IV
Andrey Yershov
Mikhail Obruchev
Anton Balabanov
Carl IV
Units involved
1,225,000 (peak)
350,000 (peak)
1,180,000 (peak)
10,000 (peak)

The Volkian Civil War was a civil war in Volkia fought from 1885 to 1888. Supporters of the country's parliament and those supportive of implementing a republic fought against supporters of Yuri IV, the Volkian monarchy, and units from Blaskog. Economic stagnation and social unrest, combined with a devastating food shortage and famine sparked nationwide protests and food riots, especially in the country's west. Things began escalating when the Volkgoroda garrison abandoned their posts and joined in with rioters, causing parliament to demand Yuri IV's abdication or face removal by force. Yuri IV fled the city on June 1, 1885 and went east, recruiting royalist units from the Volkian Royal Army (Royalists) on his way to Novostolitsa.

The Volkgoroda garrison declared their support for parliament and took control of the city, taking control of government buildings and arresting royalists. With Yuri IV out of the city and in an unknown location, parliament voted 348-0 to remove Yuri IV as king with no replacement; a second vote declared parliament's intention to create a republic with a democratically elected head of state. The 152 royalist MPs representing the kingdom's east walked out of the vote in protest and the eastern provinces refused to acknowledge the results. Yuri IV appeared in Moskvol calling for all volunteers to help crush the "parliamentary coup," parliament found increased support from pro-parliament elements of the Royal Army (Parliamentians) as well as republican and pro-parliament militias (Republicans).

Fighting broke out in Karatal on June 24, 1885 when Parliamentians engaged a unit of Royalists who were scouting ahead of the main army. With the commencement of armed conflict, scattered units from both sides raced to capture key cities and towns. By 1886 a rather clear demarcation line had been drawn with some exceptions: the west supported parliament and a republic while the east supported Yuri IV and the monarchy. After two and a half years of brutal fighting, Yuri IV would be assassinated during a coup that saw the east declare independence and create the Vozhdom of the Tolpas in the kingdom's east; this new government would go on to make peace with parliament and be recognized as an independent state by Volkia. On April 17, 1888, the Volkian Federative Republic was founded following the adoption of the country's new constitution.

Volkian Federative Republic
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