Cabinet of Volkia

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Cabinet of the
Volkian Federative Republic
Current: Cabinet of Yuliya Surkova
Agency overview
FormedAugust 6, 1888; 135 years ago (1888-08-06)
TypeAdvisory body
JurisdictionFederal government of Volkia
HeadquartersCabinet Room, Presidential Palace, Volkgoroda, Volkia
Employees25 members (not counting the VP):
Agency executive
Key document

The Cabinet of the Volkian Federative Republic is an advisory body made up of the Vice President of Volkia and the heads of the federal ministries that make up the federal government of Volkia. The cabinet is regarded as the principal advisory body to the president of Volkia. The heads of the federal ministries are appointed by the president and confirmed by a majority vote in the Federal Council. Acting ministerial heads may sit in on Cabinet meetings whether or not they have been officially confirmed by the Federal Council. The president may designate heads of other agencies and unconfirmed members of the Executive Office of the President as Cabinet-level members of the Cabinet.

There are no collective executive powers or functions of the Cabinet, and no votes need to be taken due to the Cabinet's advisory body status. As of August 20, 2021 there are __ members (__ including the Vice President): 16 ministry heads and __ Cabinet-level members, all of whom have received Federal Council confirmation. The Cabinet meets with the president a room adjacent to the Presidential Office. The members sit in the order in which their respective ministries were created, with the earliest being closest to the president and the newest farthest away.

Cabinet members serve at the pleasure of the president, who may dismiss them at any time without the approval of the Federal Council. The president may also downgrade their Cabinet membership status. The president may organize the Cabinet as they see fit, such as instituting committees. Cabinet members, like all federal public officials, are subject to impeachment by the Chamber of Deputies and trial in the Federal Council.


Federal law

Confirmation process


Current Cabinet and Cabinet-rank officials

Vice President and the heads of the executive departments

The Cabinet permanently includes the vice president and the heads of 16 federal ministries, listed here according to their order of succession to the presidency. The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies and the President of the Federal Council follow the vice president and precede the minister of internal affairs in the order of succession, but both are in the legislative branch and are not part of the Cabinet.

Volkian Federal Cabinet
Office Incumbent Took office
Vice President Vladimir Burmakin August 6, 2016
Minister of Internal Affairs Anatoly Kuzmich August 6, 2016
Minister of National Defense Ivan Kabakov August 6, 2016
Minister of Justice and Attorney General Vasiliy Akinfeev January 15, 2021
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikolai Skorobogatov August 17, 2016
Minister of Finance Yevgeny Smyslov January 16, 2021
Minister of Health and Social Affairs Pavel Stroganov February 2, 2021
Minister of Agriculture Sofia Yudina March 18, 2019
Minister of Education Galina Shchekina June 7, 2020
Minister of Energy Alexander Chayanov August 18, 2016
Minister of Labor Lyudmila Filipchenka August 18, 2016
Minister of Commerce Yuly Nikolayev February 10, 2021
Minister of Land Management Boris Lavochkin October 14, 2019
Minister of Economic Development Marina Nezarova March 25, 2020
Minister of Culture, Sport, and Tourism Lev Davydenko August 30, 2016
Minister of Transportation and Communications Oksana Zhirenkova January 20, 2021
Minister of Housing and Urban Development Sergei Kozlovsky January 29, 2021

Cabinet-level officials

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