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Volkian Federal Government
FormationAugust 13, 1888; 135 years ago (1888-08-13)
Founding documentConstitution of the Volkian Federative Republic
JurisdictionVolkian Federative Republic
Legislative branch
LegislatureNational Assembly
Meeting placeVolkian National Assembly Building
Executive branch
AppointerPopular vote
HeadquartersPresidential Palace
Main organCabinet
Judicial branch
CourtFederal Supreme Court

The federal government of the Volkian Federative Republic is the national government of Volkia, a federal republic located on Itur, composed of 27 administrative divisions. The federal government is made up of three distinct branches: legislative, executive, and judicial, whose powers are vested by the Volkian Constitution in the National Assembly, the president, and the federal courts, respectively. The duties and powers of these branches are further defined by acts of the National Assembly, including the creation of executive ministries and courts inferior to the Federal Supreme Court.


The republic's official name is the "Volkian Federative Republic," which was decided at the at the 1887 Volkian Federal Republic Convention by representatives of the former provinces of the Kingdom of Volkia; it and "Volkia" are the only names to appear on the document. It is the name that appears on money, in treaties, and in legal cases to which it is a party (e.g. Vinogradov v. Volkia).

The terms "Government of Volkia," "Volkian Government," and "Volkian Federal Government" are often used in official documents to represent the federal government as distinct from the provinces collectively. In casual conversation or writing, the term "Federal Government" or "National Government" is often used. The terms "Federal" and "National" in government agency or program names generally indicate affiliation with the federal government. Because the seat of government is Volkgoroda, it is commonly used to refer to the federal government.


Legislative branch

Executive branch

Judicial branch


Elections and voting

Provincial and local governments

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