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Aleksey Pushkarev
1st President of Volkia
In office
August 6, 1888 – August 6, 1896
Vice PresidentKonstantin Yakushev
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byVasily Tolmachyov
Chairman of the Volkian Provisional Government
In office
April 17, 1888 – August 6, 1888
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byOffice abolished
Prime Minister of the Volkian Kingdom
In office
March 28, 1884 – April 17, 1888
MonarchYuri IV (1884 - 1885)
None (1885 - 1888)
Preceded byBogdan Levin
Succeeded byOffice abolished
Member of Parliament for East Satka
In office
July 18, 1876 – April 17, 1888
Preceded byVladislav Galkin
Succeeded byOffice abolished
Personal details
Aleksey Elmirovich Pushkarev

(1830-04-29)April 29, 1830
Satka, Kingdom of Volkia
DiedJanuary 14, 1904(1904-01-14) (aged 73)
Volkgoroda, Volkia
Cause of deathCongestive heart failure
Resting placeAleksey Pushkarev National Cemetery
Political partyFarmer's Unity Party
(1862 - 1888)

Independent (1888 - 1904)

Aleksey Elmirovich Pushkarev (April 29, 1830 - January 14, 1904) was a Volkian political leader and statesman who served as the first president of the Volkian Federative Republic from 1888 to 1896. Previously, he served as the Chairman of the Volkian Provisional Government during the transition period from kingdom to federal republic from February 1888 to August 1888, Prime Minister of the Volkian Kingdom from 1884 to 1888, and as Member of Parliament for East Satka from 1876 to 1889. He is widely considered to be one of the founding fathers of the Volkian federal republic due to his actions and leadership to establish the republic.

Pushkarev's first public office was serving as Mayor of Satka from 1862 to 1870. He was elected to the Makushin House of Delegates in 1870 and served until his election to the Royal House of Commons in 1876 as MP for East Satka. Some civil war info here

Pushkarev played a key role in the adoption of the Volkian constitution. His leadership helped abolish the monarchy and created a strong federal government that ruled over the kingdom's former territory. The new government was widely popular and received support across the social classes. Although he tried to reconcile with monarchists in Volkia's north, his government was forced to combat pro-monarchist militias during his tenure as president. The largest of these revolts occurred on June 5, 1895 and was put down the following day.

Pushkarev set many presidential traditions that continue to this day, some of which have become enshrined in law or the constitution. Though he was a practicing Lunarist, he advocated for religious freedoms that would eventually be formally protected by the Volkian constitution in 1948. His death in 1904 resulted in a two week period of national mourning and he has been memorialized by monuments, geographic locations, buildings, stamps, currency, and the designation as one of Volkia's greatest presidents.

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