Constitution of Volkia

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Constitution of the
Volkian Federative Republic
Original titleКонституция Волжская Федеративная Республика
JurisdictionVolkian Federative Republic
CreatedNovember 21, 1887
PresentedDecember 5, 1887
RatifiedApril 17, 1888
Date effectiveAugust 6, 1888
SystemConstitutional presidential republic
JudiciaryVolkian Federal Judiciary
Last amendedMarch 2, 1975
LocationFederal Archives, Volkgoroda

The Constitution of the Volkian Federative Republic (Volkian: Конституция Волкскийская Федеративная Республика, tr. Konstitutsiya Volkskiyskaya Federativnaya Respublika) is the supreme law of Volkia. It was ratified on April 17, 1888 and last amended on March 2, 1975.

The text was drafted at the 1887 Volkian Federal Republic Convention, which was attended by nearly 250 participants consisting of various legal scholars and representatives from the provinces of the former Kingdom of Volkia. Aleksey Pushkarev, Stepan Ulyashin, Luka Moroshkin, and Vasily Tolmachyov are all considered the primary co-authors of the constitution.

The draft text was then put to a referendum held in Volkia on February 3, 1888. Of all registered voters, 61.7% (or 10,716,981) participated in the referendum. Of those, 6,698,113 (62.5%) voted for the adoption of the Constitution. The Constitution was then ratified by a majority of the provinces on April 17, 1888. The provisional government set an effective date of August 6, 1888, which finalized the abolishment of the Volkian monarchy and the creation of the Volkian federal state. The first presidential election was held on July 2, 1888.


The constitution consists of a preamble and __ articles grouped into nine chapters. These are:

  1. The Federal System (Articles 1 - 16)
  2. Rights of the People (Articles 17 - _)
  3. The National Assembly (Articles _ - _)
  4. The President (Articles _ - _)
  5. The Federal Judiciary (Articles _ - _)
  6. Local Self-Government (Articles _ - _)
  7. Supplementary Provisions (Articles _ - _)
  8. Amendments (Articles _ - _)


The preamble of the constitution details the purposes for the writing of the constitution and establishes that Volkia be a democratic and secular nation.

The Federal System (Articles 1 - 16)

Rights of the People (Articles 17 - _)

The National Assembly (Articles _ - _)

The President (Articles _ - _)

The Federal Judiciary (Articles _ - _)

Local Self-Government (Articles _ - _)

Amendments (Articles _ - _)

Supplementary Provisions (Articles _ - _)



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