National Assembly of Volkia

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National Assembly of the
Volkian Federative Republic
68th Volkian National Assembly
HousesFederal Council
Chamber of Deputies
FoundedAugust 6, 1888 (1888-08-06)
Preceded byParliament of the
Volkian Kingdom
New session startedAugust 1, 2022
President of the
Federal Council
Vladimir Burmakin, SDU
Since August 6, 2016
Speaker of the ChamberStefania Nevzorova, SDU
Since August 1, 2020
Federal Council president pro temporeLev Bulgakov, SDU
Since August 1, 1972
Federal Council Majority LeaderYefim Luzhkov, SDU
Since August 1, 2010
Seats583 voting members
  • 505 people's deputies
  • 78 federal councilors
Federal Council political groupsGovernment (48)
  •   Social Dems (48)
Opposition (21) Others (9)
Chamber of Deputies political groupsGovernment (283)
Opposition (159)
Others (63)
Federal Council voting systemInstant-runoff voting
Chamber of Deputies voting systemInstant-runoff voting
Federal Council last electionJuly 11, 2022
Chamber of Deputies last electionJuly 11, 2022
Federal Council next electionJuly 8, 2024
Chamber of Deputies next electionJuly 8, 2024
Meeting place
Volkian National Assembly Building
Federal City of Volkgoroda
Volkian Federative Republic

The Volkian National Assembly is the bicameral federal legislature of the Volkian Federative Republic. It consists of two chambers: the upper house, the Federal Council, and the lower house, the Chamber of Deputies. The National Assembly meets in the Volkian National Assembly Building located in Volkgoroda. Both federal councilors and people's deputies are chosen through direct election, however the provincial governors are allowed to fill vacancies through appointments. The National Assembly has 583 voting members: 505 people's deputies and 78 federal councilors. The Vice President of Volkia has a tie-breaker vote in the Federal Council and will generally side with their party.

Following the completion of the 2020 Volkian National Census, the Chamber of Deputies was expanded to 505 seats following the 2022 federal elections.

New sessions begin every two years on August 1 following the national elections in July, and members are sworn in the same day.

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