Agnar Moutuara

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Agnar Moutuara
Agnar Kanape Moutuara

(1980-08-09) August 9, 1980 (age 43)
EducationUniversity of Tokapa
TitleAdjunct Professor at Shiro Academy
Professor in Politics at the University of Tokapa
  • Makie Eastwood-Moutuara
  • Maggie Eastwood-Moutuara

Agnar Moutuara (born Agnar Kanapa Moutuara) is an academic and political commentator from the Oan Isles. He is an adjunct professor at Shiro Academy and teaches on a fixed-term basis at the Tilden campus in Free Pacific States. He is also a full-tenure professor of political science at the University of Tokapa. He has acted as a political commentator writing articles and providing commentary for Oan News. He currently has two children fraternal twins a male and female and he is married to William Eastwood (also known as Wiremu Rakauita), Staynish actor, producer and owner of a Firelight theatre hall. His usual residence is Tokapa. He is related to Locklyn Le Roy via his father's side as his father and Le Roy's mother are cousins.