Svetlana Bertov

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Svetlana Bertov
Svetlana in 2018
Svetlana Joanne Bertov

(2001-06-02) 2 June 2001 (age 22)
Hailykt, Durakia
Nationality Durakan
Alma materKansol Port High School
Shiro Academy (Currently Attending)
OccupationJunior Writer for Avorgard, Vice-President (2017-2018) of the Kansol Students' Union, later President (2018-2020)
Years active2017 to present
Known forVanguardist activism
Young journalism
Student unionism
Notable workSpoke at the 2019 Meremaa Memorial in Durakia
Co-Author of "Classrooms and Class: A Study of Students in Novaris"
Political partyDYCL (Youth Wing of the Durakan Communist Party)
Parent(s)Vasily and Hilda Bertov
AwardsDurakan Young Writers' Award

Svetlana Joanne Bertov, known commonly in Durakia as simply Lana Bertov, is a young activist, writer and student politician currently studying abroad at Shiro Academy. Svetlana is notable as the granddaughter of former Direklieter Alexi Bertov, the last Communist Direklieter of Durakia after he was deposed by Andrei Vehr during the Meremaa Crisis of 1994.

Svetlana, being a member of the Bertov family, became very influential among Communist and Vanguarist circles in her home country, which critics of her have pointed to as a reason for her fame being undeserved, referring to her and her family as Red Royalty: a derogatory term associated with the families of communist leaders of Durakia. However, she has reliably been shown to act of her own merit through her actions in the Kansol Students' Union as well as her articles in the Avorgrad: the radical leftist newspaper. She also co-authored the report: "Classrooms and Class: A Study of Students in Novaris", In which her, Vladimir Ansof and Walter Brauner performed participant observation studies in schools across the continent - including Tretrid, Alyunthia, Cryria, Kuthernburg, Varletia and Ekvatora - comparing how Social Class influences the results, treatment and behaviour of their Students. The report was rather popular amongst the Sociologists of Novaris for it's detailed quantitative data and use of ethnographic methodology. While it did take an inherently negative look, it noted how material deprivation has become much less of a factor in Novari Schools, while subconscious discrimination of teachers towards working class students is still a key issue that needs to be addressed in order to create a truly equal education system. This report was especially notable in Tretrid, where it would be taken into consideration by the Tretridian goveenment in it's continued efforts to reform education to allow more equality. Bertov herself, alongside Brauner, visited the city of Cynebury to speak on the findings of this report and how these results may be implemented by the Social Democrat led government of Tretrid.

Svetlana has also acted as an impassioned speaker throughout her time in the Students' Union, with her most notable speech being made at the 2019 Memorial Service for Durakans who died in the Meremaa Civil War. She made a heartfelt speech on how the deaths of Durakan Volunteers has been overly politicized by the Social Democratic Party, stating that "These men and women died fighting for a cause they believed in, a cause in which Durakia has always stood for. Those who refuse to pay respects to them spit in the face of the very fabric our nation is built on." This speech, of course, was controversial amongst the moderate left, however it saw Svetlana come into her own as a young activist, rather than staying in the shadow of her grandfather.

Following her time at Kansol Port High School, Svetlana was accepted into Shiro Academy, to which she is now currently attending, doing a double major in History and Political Science.