2017 Vothetrian General Election

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2017 Vothetrian General Election

15 December 2017 February 2019 →

All 416 seats to the Unterhaus
209 seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Lupita Funkel Ursula Poebbels Emilia Litz
Party Voth. Conservatives Voth. Labour Voth. Unionists
Leader since 1 November 2017 5 November 2017 14 November 2017
Leader's seat Kausen, Karinthus Besrin, Wüller Bouzak
Seats won 211 142 63
Seat change Increase 211 Increase 142 Increase 63

Prime Minister before election

Interim government

Appointed Prime Minister

Lupita Funkel
Vothetrian Conservatives

The 2017 Vothetrian General Election was the inaugural general election of Vothetria, overseen by Great Morstaybishlia. It elected 416 Members of Parliament to the Unterhaus where the Conservative party won by a majority of two, electing Lupita Funkel as the first prime minister of the nation.