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RegionBorea, Northern Yasteria, Northern Novaris, Vakrestrender and Rotantic Ocean
  • Nys'tat'en
Official status
Official language in
Nystatiszna, Federation of the Southern Coast, Ymirland, Gusanaszna, Hvaloaszna, Syrtænzna, Lapliszna & Vakrestrender
Language codes
ISO 639-3

The Nys'tat'en, is a language spoken predominantly by Akuanists and in Eastern Borea. It is the official language of Nystatiszna, Hvaloaszna, Ymirland, Lapliszna, Syrtænzna and Vakrestrender. It's a nationally recognized language in the Federation of the Southern Coast and in Gusanaszna. Due to Akuanist migrations, desire to explore and collect stories Nys'tat'en is spoken in many other countries around the Urth. There is no central body for the language to oversight the development of the language. Nys'tat'en is a extremely non-unified, with hundreds of dialects and local varieties. Example being the northern dialect of Nystatiszna has a heavily mixture of Kæzhyn within the language. The most common dialect spoken however is Norgsveltian-Nys'tat'en mixture as a result of Norgsveldet colonization of Akuan settled lands and deportees from Concord.