Kohatu War

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Kohatu War

Top: Oan soldiers crossing a river into Mahakatepa
Bottom: Map of the Kohatu Isle
Kohatu Isles
Status Finished
National Liberation Movement Diamond Authority
The Oan Isles
Commanders and leaders
Locklyn Le Roy
Captain Haone
Leader of the Diamond Authority
??? ???
Casualties and losses
??? combatants
??? civilians
??? combatants
??? civilians

The Kohatu War (Oan: Te pakanga o nga Moutere Kohatu), also known as the War of the Kohatu Isles was an armed conflict in the Kohatu Isles between the National Liberation Movement and the Diamond Authority, with the involvement of the Oan Isles in 2017. The war was presaged by a rebellion of agate miners in Akatepa led by Lazuli who were arrested by the Diamond Authority. The National Liberation Movement, then an underground movement calling for democracy asked Opal (Papa), Lazulu's wife, to lead the cause in his absence by senior NLM leader Moissanite. During the Cyclone Mable disaster, the Oan Isles sent humanitarian aid and disaster relief to the Kohatu Isles, but used that mission to syphon funds and military equipment to the NLM. After the NLM rebelled on Jewelica Island and took that, the Oan Isles came out in support of the Liberation Movement. The Diamond Authority cut off diplomatic ties with the Oan Isles and expelled their businesses and citizens.

The Oan Isles then recognised the NLM as the legitimate government of Jewelica Island. The Diamond Authority allegedly abandoned a prison where political dissidents were being held, which was a violation of a treaty that the Diamond Authority had signed with the Oan Isles. The Oan Isles used this as a pretext to invade the main island of Gemica and overthrew the Diamond Authority under the command of Captain Haone. Following which, a referendum was held asking the citizens of Gemica if they want to become part of the Oan Isles. They voted yes, and Gemica was renamed to the Kohatu Isles. They became an Autonomous territory of the Oan Isles. The NLM was disbanded and Opal was elected as the new Chief Minister of the Kohatu Isles. Shortly after, it was revealed that Oan geologists had discovered large deposits of undersea natural gas and they partnered with the Royal Caven Petroleum Company of Peregrinia to exploit these resources. A sovereign wealth fund was established to take over the Oan portion of the operation and use those profits to improve the lives of the Kohatu people.


Gemica was a small independent island nation located in the Caven Sea. It was ruled by the Diamond Authority, an authoritarian one party state whose economic relief on the exportation of raw gemstones. The island was largely isolated from the world and heavily relied on the Oan Isles for diplomatic and economic support. Nevertheless, the Oan Isles struggled to impose meaningful reforms to bring about a democratic order. Moreover, the deep intertwining of business and economic interests and the lack of public knowledge about Gemica and their situation, undermined efforts and interest in pushing for greater political interference. Moreover, throughout 2017, the Oan Isles had been preoccupied with the Auroran-Pacific War, thus the subject of Gemica authoritarianism was not in the public discourse. Nevertheless, the cultural impact of the Oan Isles was felt. The NLM, inspired by the movement led by the incumbent Prime Minister Maui Uye-Ahua for Konoan autonomy, organized and raised public support for the liberation movement. Leaders arose, such as Moissanite and Lazuli, who had to keep their operations hidden and far from the government's eye.


After being invited by one of its leaders, Moissanite, Lazuli (Palauokole), a miner, organised a protest in a mine in Akatepa ( 'Eka kai), that gained international attention after being seen by Oan investors who went to visit.


Emboldened by Lazuli's actions, the NLM organised protests and propaganda throughout the country, culminating in a protests in front of the main government building in which people burnt their identity books and proclaimed their support of the Oan Isles. They were met with repression by the state which downgraded diplomatic relations with the Oan Isles. The Oans decided to provide support to the NLM. Together with NLM members, they entreated Opal (Papa), Lazuli's wife, to be the face of the revolution. After destroying her home fleeing to the autonomous Jewelica Island, she agreed.

After cyclone Mable, the Oans offered disaster relief and humanitarian aid. Shortly after the cyclone passed, the NLM led protests in Peridot City on Jewelica Island. Oan soldiers were present officially as observers. The Diamond Authority sent troops and fired live ammunition at the crowd. This precipitated a military response from the Oan Isles expelled Gemican forces from Jewelica and placed the island under military occupation. Given questions around how the invasion was carried out, the Cabinet suspended Locklyn Le Roy as Prime Minister, placing Sylvia Anāute as the acting Prime Minister.

The Oan government stopped the invasion, placed Jewelica under a quarantine and sent military advisers to train the NLM in light of a plan by NLM leader, Sapphire Sardonyx, to turn the NLM into a military force. The government entered into negotiations with the Jewelican Free State to allow the Oan Isles to annex Jewelica. Negotiations broke down after the Diamond Authority conducted air strikes that killed 140 people. The Oan air force retaliated with air strikes on the JFS main building with Gemican forces in Jewelica surrendering to the NLM. NLM occupied and took over the island. The Oan government and the NLM agreed that Jewelica would become an autonomous overseas territory of the Oan Isles.

Serene Consort Aroha and other notable Oan women organised a conference on women empowerment in Jewelica as part of a broad program to integrate Jewelica into Oan political and economic life. The Oan Isles built a military base on island. It declared war on Gemica. Soon after, Gemica was blockaded and broader sanctions were imposed.

Gemica broke its agreement to treat political prisoners humanely when it abandoned the prison in which Lazuli and others were being held. This formed the pretext for a full-scale invasion. During a night attack, they first captured the prison and freed political 8. They attacked Gemican forces stationed in villages and towns. After a night of operations, the Diamond Authority capitulated and Gemica was integrated into the Jewelica overseas territory as the Overseas Territory of the Kōhatu Isles.


In the aftermath of the War, the Oan Isles and East Malaysia agreed on joint oil and natural gas exploration in the Caven Sea around and near the Kōhatu Isles and East Gemica Islands (which were part of the territory of East Malaysia). They established a joint venture.


The economic fruits of this discovery were so vast that the Oan GDP per capita increased from 34000 KRB to 40000 KRB in just four years.