Magrete I

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Magrete I
Potrait of Magrete as Crown Princess
Queen of Norgsveldet
Queen of Tangrland
Queen of Maanbriak
Queen of Vakrestrender
Queen of Federation
Queen of Eyjaria
Grand Duchess of Dvalheim
Duchess of Haakondal
Fylkir of Ulvriktru
Einherjar of Osfjord
Reign22 January 1952 - 11th August 1984
Coronation22 January 1952
PredecessorKing Gustaf III
Heir ApparentKing Harald III
Prime MinistersAgnir Hansen
Ragnar Aasen
Jakop Storhaug
Ivar Dval
Born29th March 1914
Osfjord Royal Palace Osfjord
Died11 August 1984(1984-08-11) (aged 70)
Osfjord State Royal Hospital
IssuePrince Harald
Princess Cirivele
Magrete Kvinnefrier Alvedronig Saradotir
FatherGustaf III
MotherPrincess Sara

Magrete I (Magrete Kvinnefrier Alvedronig Saradotir, born 19th March 1914, and death in 11th August 1984) was the first Queen of Norgsveldet and its Crown Realm from 22nd January 1952 until she was assasinated on 11th August 1984 by a member of the Socialist Einarism Party. Her reign most well known for her antagonistic stance towards South Hills.