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Total population
~85-90 million worldwide (2019)
Regions with significant populations
Volkia: 78,955,333
North Dveria261,248

Volkians (Volkian: Волкский, tr. Volkskiy) is a lupine ethnic group native to Itur. They are the most numerous lupine ethnic group. The vast majority of Volkians live throughout the Volkian Federative Republic, but notable minorities exist in states located in Yasteria. The culture of the ethnic Volkian people has a long tradition and it is the foundation for the modern culture of Volkia. The Volkian language is the language of the ethnic Volkians, and they are historically (religion name here) by religion. The majority of ethnic Volkians share a common history, culture, language and religion or related background.

Волкская (Volkskaya) - another way to refer to volkians Волкский (Volkskiy) - relating to the people

Волкскийская (Volkskiyskaya) - relating to the country

Volkian Federative Republic
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