The Company of the Quill

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The Company of the Quill
Quill Defense Contractors, Inc.
La Compañia de la Pluma
Contratistas de Defensa de Pluma, Inc.
IndustryPrivate defense firm
Founded8 September, 1989
HeadquartersAkas Akil, Packilvania
Area served
Novaris, Arcturia, Yasteria, Gondwana
Key people
Miguel Remolunzo (Owner)
Nil Catalá (President & CEO)
ServicesAir surveillance
Air transport
Air operations
Canine traning
Canine security
Defense consulting
International armory services
Law enforcement training
Private armed services
Search and Rescue
Security training
Security consulting
Secure storage
Secure transport
Static security
Revenue$18.1 billion (2022)
$10.3 billion
$7.8 billion
OwnerMiguel Remolunzo (35% share,)
Executive staff (combined 30% share,)
Employees (20% share,)
Investors (15% share)
Number of employees
290,000+ (2022)
SubsidiariesQuill Defense Firm
Quill Tactical Consultants
Quill Engineering
Quill Rapid Transit Group
Quill Air Consultants
Quill Tactical Systems
Quill Shipping Consultants

The Company of the Quill (incorporated as Quill Defense Contractors Inc.) is a private security firm founded in 1989 by the former Crown Prince of Antora, Astolfo de Naranza-Carratéo. The firm is headquartered and incorporated in Akas Akil, Packilvania, and has branch offices in Antora, Volscina, Bana, Ellesborg, Gusanaszna, Tamerlaine, and Tivot. The Company provides a variety of armed services and training in a boutique-style compensation arrangement for private individuals, corporations, and state entities.

At its founding, the purpose of The Company was to provide armed security services to people, governments, and organizations that were at risk from larger entities. Operations were designed to conform with the traditional Antoran code of chivalry. The Company found initial successes in serving as security for workers unions, protestors, travelling medical personnel, and journalists in eastern Novaris. This work helped improve the image of the firm and the number of personnel tripled between 1990 and 1996. In 1997, The Company incorporated in Packilvania due to favorable real estate agreements and corporate regulations.

After incorporating the firm expanded to include defense consulting, law enforcement and military training courses, canine training, secure transport and storage, search-and-rescue, air surveillance, air operations, and fortification. In 2008, TacGen Systems was acquired, which provided the necessary infrastructure and personnel to begin manufacturing of proprietary defense designs. These systems include the Q-model Ballistics Body Protection and the Q410 Wasp light tank. In 2013, the firm branched out into international armory services by acquiring Watchman Shipping Consulting, and now operates a flotilla of 17 vessels.

The Company is regarded as one of the most prolific and professional armed security and defense companies in the world. Their contracts are characterized by a preference for "honorable" or otherwise non-authoritarian clients. On occasion, the firm will offer its services free of charge, though the criteria for this to happen is unknown. As of 2020, The Company has around 147,000 employees and operates across four continents on contracts and retainer for dozens of public and private clients, as well as having a seat on the International Trade Zone Oversight Committee. Most contractors are of Corric descent, but there are significant numbers of other nationalities including Celan, Pax, Tavari, and Atlaesian.

Board of Directors

  • Miguel Remolunzo - Chief Administrative Officer, Chairman of the Board
  • Nil Catalá - Chief Executive Officer
  • Alicia Tumbas - Chief Personnel Officer
  • Tomás Lacalandia - Chief Operations Officer
  • Frederíco Gelaccia - Chief Strategy Officer
  • Jon Branicevijk - Chief Communications Officer
  • Arturo Sincabez - Chief Technical Officer
  • Morggán Marmurt - Chief Information Officer
  • Magdalena Buensposa - Chief Procurement Officer
  • Katerina Remolunzo - Chief Financial Officer
  • Viktor Revnichov - Chief Brand Officer

Services and Products

The Company offers a variety of services and products to private, public, and government clients. These include contracted labor, manufactured goods, and transit accommodations.


The Company can provide training to law enforcement, military, and emergency services such as tactics, marksmanship, first aid, crisis management, and reconnaissance. The training can be custom-tailored to the client or can be delivered through enrollment in publicly-available classes. Class-based training takes place at Company facilities, while personnel and supporting resources will be dispatched for specific training contracts.

Tonderouca Tactical Complex

The Tonderouca Tactical Complex in Antora is located on a 2,000 acre property outside the city of Tonderouca. This facility has areas simulating urban and field environments, marksmanship ranges, two driving courses, a pool for SCUBA certifications and frogmen training, and four 8,000 square feet multipurpose training halls. As the first training center operated by The Company, Tonderouca hosts the widest variety of training classes. Included are off-road and tactical driving, hand-to-hand combat, self-defense, swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, endurance, marksmanship, special sniping, armored maneuvers, anti-air defense, tacitcal urban combat, tactical rural combat, law enforcement arrest and de-escalation, pursuit driving, demolitions, explosives handling, artillery and mortar fire support, canine drug training, canine combat training, breaching and entering, hostage negotiation, first aid, field surgery, survival, orienteering, and helicopter piloting.

Tonderouca has trained over 120,000 law enforcement and first responder officers and 300,000 military personnel, as well as over 2 million single-class civilian attendees. In 2007, the Royal Antoran Guard contracted the Tonderouca facility as the permanent host of the Guard's driving and canine training programs. It also hosts the Tonderouca Auxiliary Dispatch Center, which is used to coordinate operations of contractors in Novaris. As the largest Dispatch Center in the western hemisphere, it is sometimes called on to support operations in Gondwana.

There has been some interest in purchasing more land to expand the facility, though local government is resistant to the idea of Tonderouca encroaching further on farmland.

Pomesoria Castle and Pomesoria Town, Ashura, Packilvania

Pomesoria Castle

Pomesoria Castle in Packilvania, the operational headquarters for The Company, is used to store a large amount of the vehicles used for training purposes. The Company purchased the castle, as well as the municipal privlidges for the surrounding town and 7,000 acres. This has allowed the development of the Pomesoria Vehicle Testing and Training Range, which spans 4,000 acres. The property covers sandy arid plains as well as forests, hills, rivers, and canyons. The various driving courses, firing ranges, maintenance centers, bunkers, and cultured terrain features are one of the largest military vehicle test areas in the eastern hemisphere. The Company uses the land for trials of vehicle models produced by Quill Engineering and to train its own security forces in mobile warfare and security tactics. The Range is also able to be leased by government entities wishing to use it for their own mobile infantry and armored forces. Some training options for the Range include artillery mobility and fire support, mobile air defense training, rapid deployment tactics, asymmetric warfare against armored opponents, vehicle maneuver training, off-road evaluations, and weapon range calibrations.

Bana Training Center

A new facility opened in 2018, the Bana Training Complex is located in the capital of Newport. The facility currently offers public classes on self-defense, first aid, fire safety, weapons training, home security, and wilderness survival. The staff also is available to be contracted out to train first responders and military personnel of Bana and surrounding countries via the Bana Auxiliary Dispatch Center, though the office is limited in scope. At present only a single building, 3,000 square feet, the Bana facility is intended to allow the Company to expand operations into western Gondwana without relying on long supply chains. There have been negotiations on purchasing more real estate within the city as well as in the countryside, though progress has stalled in light of the Akronist Secession issue in neighboring Tavaris. Company leadership is debating moving the office to Crystal Coast to take advantage of increased tensions.

Großmetall Tactical Complex

A sister facility to Tonderouca, the Großmetall Tactical Complex is a 500-acre tract of land in Stahlheim that caters to similar courses. With an increased focus on helicopter operations like surveillance and firefighting, as well as urban combat tactics and HAZMAT procedure, Großmetall caters to counterterrorism and CRBN units from western Novaris and northern Gondwana as well as emergency special services. The Volscine complex also boasts the largest barracks for Company contractors when not on assignment. This adjacent complex, known colloquially as Steel Campus, rotates around four thousand personnel annually, and includes amenities such as pools, gymnasiums, a shopping center, cinema, and net cafes. This facility notably does not possess a Dispatch Center despite its size due to the Tonderouca complex already having one in place for Novaris.

Tamerlaine Quill Annex

The Company maintains a large presence on Khalden island in the International Trade Zone as a voting member of the ITZ Oversight Commitee and the main gauruntor of security. The Tamerlaine Quill Annex is located on the southern tip of Khalden, spread across a barrier island. The facilities include workshops, warehouses, and research centers of Quill Engineering and Quill Tactical Systems, logistics and maintanence facilities for the Companys' air and sea assets, a shipping dock, airstrip, and administrative centers, as well as housing for employees. The Annex totals 820 acres and employs an average of 13,000 people on a permenant basis. The Company uses the location as a Dispatch Center and centralized supply hub, so it is estimated that upwards of 50,000 people will rotate through it annually.


The Company manufactures a number of products for the aerospace, automotive, and defense industries through subsidiaries Quill Tactical Systems and Quill Engineering. These include radar and guidance systems, firearms, body armor, electronic sensors and circuitry, motors and hydraulics, and armored vehicles.

A Q410 Wasp undergoing readyness trials at Pomesoria.

Q410 Wasp

The Q410 "Wasp" light tank is one of the flagship vehicles built by the Company. Designed in the mid-90s by TacGen systems, the design and license of the tank were acquired by the Company in 2008 with the purchase of TacGen. The tank is intended for asymmetric warfare against more heavily armored vehicles as well as demolition of fortifications. It is operated by one driver, one gunner, one loader, and one commander. Its light armor provides less protection than other armored vehicles, but also affords the tank exceptional speed and off-road capability from the low weight. The main gun is a 154 mm rifled K19T cannon designed to fire traditional HEAT and APDS ammunition as well as the K22G Anti-tank guided missile. This is supplimented by a coaxial 12.7mm machine gun in the turret. The Wasp was designed for rapid deployment and environmental adaptability. It can be dropped from a plane at a sufficiently low altitude using a parachute sled and deploy directly into combat with crew aboard. It is also equipped with a fold-out water hull for amphibious operations.

The current Wasp iteration is designated the 410-J20, and comes with overhauled ergonomic controls, up-to-date electronic systems including GPS, infared, laser designators, and noise dampeners, a space to install encrypted radio equipment, and a redesigned transmission, engine, and main gun. An additional 12.7mm machine gun is mounted on the top of the turret for use by the commander. The tanks can carry 25 shells and 6 ATGMs. Thanks to minaturized auto-loaders, the loader crew position can be replaced with a radio operator for coordinating fire support. The 410-J20 model can achieve road speeds of 80 km/h and cross-country speeds of 57 km/h. Quill manufactures the proprietary cannon ammunition due to the unique caliber of the weapon. A single Wasp costs around $550,000 SHD for a modern variant; older ones can cost between $250,000 and $330,000. The Wasp is used in-house by Company contractors for armor training courses and armed deployments into highly-contested combat zones.

QA 1-MAC Carbine

File:Scar H Standard.jpg
A long-barreled QA 1-MAC assault rifle

The 1-MAC carbine is a rugged assault rifle produced by Quill Armories, a division of Quill Engineering. The Series 1-Modular Assault Carbine is a retooled weapon chambered in standard 7.62x51mm ammunition. Its composite body can be easily disassembled in the field for switching components. Standard rifles are offered with a folding stock and a shorter barrel attachment to convert the weapon for close-quarters battle. Additional modular sections are produced by Quill for international clients, including a variety of chamberings, grenade launchers, and sights. Certain modules allow the 1-MAC to be converted to a designated marksman rifle. Rifles possess an integrated upper rail system for attaching sights. The tappet gas recoil system feeds two recievers, a lower polymer and an upper aluminum. The planned replacement to the 1-MAC, the 2C-MAC, is designed to be thermally sensitive, and will switch from a closed to open-bolt firing mode as the barrel temperature increases from firing.

The 1-MAC is produced in Antora, with secondary tooling and manufacturing of modular parts done in Toloria. It is marketed to a variety of consumers including individual firearm owners, law enforcement, private security, and militaries. The rifle serves as the standard long-arm of Quill security contractors as well as the preferred tactical firearm of some Antoran metropolitan police departments.

A KLW-1 light tank equipped with laser-reflective defensive measures.

KLW-1 Chinkalëwès

Quill Armories designed the KLW-1 Chinkalëwès light tank for the Kelamí League. The tank is designed to be fast and light, and accomodating to cervine anatomy. The turret is entirely remote and operates with an integrated autoloader. Additional ammunition is stored within the hull, allowing the autoloader carousel to be replenished without leaving the vehicle. Armed with a 120 mm cannon, the KLW-1 is designed to engage hostile armored vehicles and tanks while on the move. Also equipped as standard is a coaxial .50 caliber machine gun for infantry engagement, thermal and night vision, smoke grenade launchers, and NBCR survival systems.


The Company does not make public all of their clients, as a large number are private individuals or else prefer to remain anonymous. Since their founding they have been estimated to have completed nearly 12,000 unique contracts. The work that is publicly known is usually on a large scale, such as government retainer or in large conflicts.

Current Known Operations


The government of Antora has awarded several contracts to the Company, of which the following are public:

  • Indefinite retainer to provide security consulting, on-site armed security, and secure transport of legal tender for the Royal Antoran Reserve.
  • Use of the Tonderouca Tactical Complex for the Royal Antoran Guard's canine and driving training courses
  • Defense consulting for the Royal Antoran Defense Forces on international militaries and their capabilities
  • Indefinite retainer to train new officers of the Tonderouca, Porta Armada, and Giroruña Police Departments

North Ni-Rao

North Ni-Rao has hired Company contractors to provide security and defense for population centers during the ongoing Ni-Rao Civil War, which includes active armed security, aerial surveillance, training for Northern armed personnel, civil emergency response, artillery interception and counter-battery services, and defense consulting for the loyalist military command. Their mandate expanded in 2022 to include air crew contracting. This resulted in the addition of eight L-60 Mantarayya strike fighters and eight L-65 Tiburón fighter/bombers plus associated personnel and logistics to the Company deployment.

New Suvan Khanate

The New Suvan Khanate has used Company services during the Third Suvani War, mostly in the form of consulting and logistical services as well as aerial surveillance. Current trends indicate the Company is considering terminating their contract with the Khanate due to underutilization and a mediocre compensation agreement.


The Crown Mandate of Ellesborg has begun a large-scale integration process of Company services into their security doctrine due to their concerns about the Third Suvani War and the limited domestic defense options available. The Mandate's distance from Cryria means immediate reinforcement in the case of crisis is unfeasible. The Company has entered talks to establish permeant facilities in Ellesborg including a regional Dispatch Center, a training complex, contractor housing, and vehicle garages. Ellesborg is reportedly interested in retaining the Company indefinitely for cybersecurity, defense consultation, armed security services at civil and financial infrastructure, and aerial operations including transport, surveillance, and security. Several financial institutions independent of the government have also expressed interest in hiring the Company to provide cyber and armed security and legal tender transport services. The Company's presence in Ellesborg is projected to reach upwards of 15,000 personnel, with a defense emergency necessitating the deployment of an additional 20,000 contractors.


Gusanaszna has authorized the Company to provide blanket armed security for their territory, citing threats from Rusanru'a and Nystatiszna. This contract has the Company providing 50,000 contractors to serve as national security and defense for the Borean nation. Most of these employees will be hired locally and trained by veteran contractors provided by the Company. This initiative has been granted 'blank check' funding as the scale of the agreement necessitates significant investment by both sides. Border patrol, immigration control, aerial security, air defense and artillery batteries, and regular infantry-level operations have been confirmed to be under development. The Company has dispatched an initial 5,000 contractors to lay groundwork, and also sent two squadrons of surplus combat aircraft purchased from the Royal Antoran Air Cavalry.


The Company has allowed for contractors to volunteer for duty in Crystal Coast, a province of Tavaris currently undergoing secessionist talks and religious tension. The nearly-800 strong volunteer company has been suborned to the Akronist Church's new security forces and, along with a detachment of armored cars and surviellance helicopters, be used to quell violent riots and vandalism by non-Akronists in the Tavari territory. The contractors are considered on leave by the Company and their benefits and salaries have been agreed to become the responsibility of the Church.

International Trade Zone

The Company became a founding partner of the International Trade Zone in Tamerlaine upon the Zone's creation in 2022. As the largest private security enterprise part of the initiative, the Company has assumed the role of guaruntor of security for Tamerlaine and the ITZ. All operations and most employees of subsidiaries Quill Engineering, Quill Tactical Systems, and Quill Shipping Consultants were moved to Tamerlaine along with significant portions of Quill's privateer and merchant fleets. The central location of Tamerlaine in regards to the rest of the world has also allowed the Company to benefit from using the area as a Dispatch Center for client work. Currently, the corporate roadmap includes a modernization program for armed security units, expansion of the air and sea fleets, and establishment of permenant roots in the ITZ.