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Tamerlaine International Trade Zone
International Trade Zone logo
ITZ mandate extends to all territory shown within inset
TypeSpecial Economic Zone
PurposeRegulate and manage all economic activity within the territory of the Republica of Tamerlaine
Ease duties, tariffs, and taxes on international investments and purchases
HeadquartersTamerlaine city, Abrus, Tamerlaine
Region served
Halcyon Sea (enforcement)
International (partnerships)
21 corporations (16 Committee, 5 major non-Committee)
Official languages
Codexian (transactional)
Various others
Oversight Committee Chair
Francine J. J. Jericho
$100 billion SHD

The Tamerlaine International Trade Zone, often shortened to the International Trade Zone (ITZ) to differentiate from the nation that hosts it, is a special economic zone and corporation-run regulatory body. It is located in congruity with the land and economic territory of the Republica of Tamerlaine in the Halcyon Sea. Positioned as a hub for international trade and shipping, the ITZ manages corporate best practice, labour standards, and policies for all businesses operating within its mandate. It also waives certain import/export and customs fees for goods exchanged and transported, and provides a tax incentive program for businesses looking to establish themselves in the Tamerid islands. The ITZ is controlled by the International Trade Zone Oversight Committee, a body composed of representatives from major corporate interests, which coordinates with the Republican Forum of Tamerlaine on legal and jurisdictional responsibilities. Membership on the Oversight Committee permits a business to acquire land and use it however they see fit so long as it does not contradict Committee regulations, a policy that has attracted many current and aspiring Committee members.

The ITZ facilititates transactions between entities in goods, services, and currencies through it's centrally managed Trade Zone Financial Commission in cooperation with the Tamerlaine Central Bank. The Zone provides frameworks for negotiating deals, exchanges, mergers, licenses, and leases, and has specialty offices to work with private individuals, corporations, and governments. The usage of the ITZ as a third party ratifier can help entities avoid excess fees usually associated with international business. The policies of the ITZ prevent discrimination or unevenly-weighted transactions but may make exceptions for issues such as sapient rights, national security, or other contentious issues.

The headquarters of the ITZ are in the city of Tamerlaine on Abrus island, and include the Trade Zone Bureau of Function Building and the International Business Park. The Oversight Comittee meets at the beginning of each financial quarter, but can be called to session by any seated member company. Day-to-day operations in the ITZ are handled by the Bureau of Function, a body staffed by specialists from each resident corporation and personnel from the Tamerid government. The budget of the ITZ is roughly $100 billion International Trade Dollars, a fiat currency used within the Zone's borders that is pegged to the South Hills Standard Hawking Dollar. This budget is a combined value of the operating profits of the Oversight Committee companies and membership fees from all resident corporations. Currently, the ITZ hosts twenty-one major corporations both domestic and foreign, with sixteen on the Committee and five aspiring members.

The ITZ is commonly credited for the wealth boom in Tamerlaine over the past three decades since it evolved from the Tamerlaine Trade and Regulation Act of 1990. The Zone requires that all major companies that earn more than $100 million in net profits contribute 20% of it to taxes and to subsidize infrastructure and other resources that they make common use of. In return for these contributions, companies are allowed to set their own regulations and operate on any owned land in the Zone free from oversight. This relationship has attracted many businesses from abroad and propelled Tamerlaine to a top spot among investment and shipping destinations. Critics of the ITZ suggest that the citizens of the Tamerid islands no longer have a say in their governance and that the corporations have used the sweeping powers afforded to them in the Zone to act as the de-facto government of Tamerlaine. However, the ITZ Oversight Committee remains ostensibly subordinate to the Republican Forum and President of Tamerlaine and are required by national law to abide by decisions made by these officials.

Member Corporations

The International Trade Zone has eighteen corporations and other business entities listed as "Officially Recognised" by the government of Tamerlaine in the Trade and Regulations Act. Sixteen companies hold seats on the ITZ Oversight Committee and are responsible for creating and enforcing regulations, standards, and policies for use throughout the ITZ. These companies have voting power on the Committee vested in a single representative. Five other business entities are listed as possessing "aspiring oversight status." These companies, while participating in the operation of ITZ-regulated business and contributing to the Tamerid economy, have either too little investment or not enough time as a part of the ITZ to be considered for a seat on the Oversight Committee. Notably, corporations that prove they can provide more efficient, economical, or quality services than a current Committee member can unseat that member.

Oversight Committee

The current Oversight Committee members are:

  • Tamerlaine Minerals Concern - Chair the Oversight Committee, own and operate all aquatic manganese & terrestrial phosphate extraction & refining industry, and the most senior ITZ member. Also responsible for raw material coordination.
  • Concordian Shipbuilding & Design, Limited - Own and operate the Halcyon Pride Dockyards on Khalden and associated shipbuilding, drydocks, and industrial facilities. Second-most senior ITZ member and major contributor to commercial shipbuilding with "evergreen" military shipyards & export operations. Responsible for nautical security of Khalden.
  • BioSupra Pharmaceutical - Own and operate SuperCare pharmacies and health clinics, medical research & development labs, and manufacturing centers. Third-most senior ITZ member and largest native biomedical company. Responsible for supply of medicine and other pharmaceuticals to ITZ corporate healthcare providers.
  • Matriarch Steel - Formerly-Ethalria based. Own and operate Ethal-Tamer Foundry Park on Khalden and associated storage, manufacturing, and refinery facilities, as well as the Forewoman Construction Firm. Fourth-most senior ITZ member, the first foreign company to be granted membership, and responsible for supply of alloy and other such raw materials to local defense & manufacturing industries.
  • BG&D Central Bank - Own and operate Bass, Gown, & Dutarch Bank branches throughout ITZ as well as support the Tamerlaine Central Bank as its public facing branch. Fifth-most senior ITZ member and responsible for ensuring and regulating cash flow between ITZ companies, foreign investors, and the Tamerid government.
  • Special Service Cargo Shipping - Own and operate the civilian cargo terminals and commercial airports of the ITZ as well as portions of the Tamerid-flagged merchant fleet. Sixth-oldest ITZ member, and responsible for the logistics of major import/export services.
  • Mexitak, Incorporated - Own and operate the local VasMart big-box store chain and the associated VasGas petrol stations & VasBlast arcades. Seventh-oldest ITZ member and responsible for ensuring Tamerid citizens and employees of ITZ corporations have access to modern goods, entertainment, and infrastructure to upkeep quality of life while generating revenue.
  • Panuptik - Own and operate NetroNet internet cafés, data centers, telephone provider services and associated infrastructure, as well as the PanupShop online retailer. Eighth-oldest ITZ company and responsible for networking & cloud services for the Tamerid government and ITZ members.
  • HerCan Armas - Antoran corporation. Own and operate the HerCan Powder Fillery and associated facilites on Khalden, and the HerCan Engineering Design campus on Samar. Ninth-oldest ITZ company and responsible for the R&D, manufacture, and supply of military-grade equipment to the Tamerid government and corporate security.
  • Gilda Varien - Varentine Guild. Own and operate the Guildwright shipbuilding, repair, and refueling port on Abrus. Tenth-most senior ITZ member. Major facilitator for foreign defense investment and supply. Responsible for the nautical security of Abrus
  • Sámi RS - Cukish media company. Own and operate silicon processing and electronic manufacturing facilities as well as carbon capture projects. Eleventh-oldest ITZ company and responsible for the export of microchips and high-end electronics & appliances as well as their supply to ITZ businesses.
  • AgroTitan, Limited - Own and operate local agriculture and aquaculture facilities, including a large portion of the Tamerid fishing fleet. Twelfth-oldest ITZ company, currently in the process of acquiring foreign genetics firm Intorch to study genetically-modified crops. Responsible for maintaining a quality supply of foodstuffs for domestic consumption & export.
  • Quill Defense Contractors, Incorporated - Own and operate the Tamerlaine Quill Annex and associated storage, manufacturing, and research facilities as well as the cargo terminal and dock, airfield, and logistics center at South Point on Khalden. Subsidiary companies Quill Tactical Systems and Quill Engineering operate various R&D and manufacturing plants on Abrus and Samar. Thirteenth-oldest ITZ company, and currently in the process of acquiring dock space and airstrips on all islands. Responsible for terrestrial and air security for the entire ITZ, as well as the nautical security of Samar and Huysan. Replaced TamerTac Security as premiere private security and defense company.
  • Heartline - Subsidiary company under the Gusanaszna Export Company. Operates private for-profit hospitals and pharmacies in the ITZ in direct competition with BioSupra Pharmaceutical. While a majority of the medical research and assets are produced in Gusanazna, Heartline offers top-of-the line medical services as well as technologies and full-service hospitals. Responsible for the supply of medical and scientific equipment as well as surgical professionals for ITZ business use.
  • Ellesborg Mining Cooperative - Ellesborg-based corporation. Owns and operate significant numbers of casinos, racetracks, and other high-class entertainment ventures on Huysan island, in addition to 32% of resorts and private beaches in the ITZ. Significant investments have been made to attract ultra-wealthy clientele from Tivot and Blueacia. Responsible for the upkeep of the ITZ's international image and civil tourism sector.
  • Gengxin Technologies - Taiyō-based state-owned company. Operates North End manufacturing and research & development center in direct competition to HerCan Armas. Produces a number of ammunition and military vehicle types as well as machinery. Has invested large amounts of funding in so-called "future" weaponry such as lasers, robotics, and unmanned vehicles. Responsible for the supply of ammunition, logistical transport and equipment of corporate security services.

Non-Committee Major Companies

These corporations have large investments or operations within the International Trade Zone but have not been recognized as members of the Oversight Committee, either through lack of interest or as-of-yet unproven niches.

  • Tecnogem International - A Phoenixia-based chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets, founded in 1988 by Herard Mulliez. A leading company operating in the large-scale distribution sector. Directly competing with Mexitak, Inc. in the ITZ.