Ni-Rao Civil War

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Ni-Rao Civil War
20171126 Angkor Wat 4712 DxO.jpg
The Temple of Shoni prior to its destruction on 25 January 2021.
Date17 October 2020 - Ongoing
North Ni-Rao
The Company of the Quill
South Ni-Rao
Radical Batallion
Commanders and leaders
Morau XII
Doran Imo
Shano Tuvria[1]
Žarís Nevran Alandar
Njord II
Lucius Merryfeather
Doro Mio
Yakob Usov

The Ni-Rao Civil War is an ongoing civil war between the August Empire of Ni-Rao (known as "North Ni-Rao") and the Raonite People's Democratic Republic (known as "South Ni-Rao"), which overthrew the government of Ni-Rao in a violent coup on 17 October 2020. Both governments claim to be the sole, legitimate government of Ni-Rao, although the International Forum rejected a request from South Ni-Rao to seat that government instead of North Ni-Rao. North Ni-Rao also continues to hold Ni-Rao's seat in the Council of Gondwana.

The royal palace in Amao, the capital, was destroyed in the coup, and the Chambers of the Council of 500 were seized by Communist forces. Most legislators were killed during the siege of Amao, although Grand Vizier Doran Imo and 6 other members of the Council of 500 survived and escaped to Rora in the north with Empress Morau XII. The government of the August Empire of Ni-Rao was granted asylum in the Consulate-General of Tavaris in Rora; Tavaris joined the war on the day of the coup on the side of the north.

Nearly the entire Ni-Rao Air Force sided with the Communist insurgency, and while large portions of the Navy did not, the Communist forces attacked the loyalist Navy vessels and sank or disabled a majority of Raonite naval capacity. The Army was largely split on geographic lines. The military body de facto in charge of South Ni-Rao is the Worker's Council of the Revolution, led by General Doro Imo. Paramilitary forces from Meremaa have also joined the war on the northern side, while the Radical Battalion, an international milita organization comprised of Communist activists from Meagharia, Durakia, and Ekvatora (but unrecognized by all these governments), has joined the southern side.

The services of Quill Defense Contractors, Inc. were acquired by North Ni-Rao in September of 2021. The Quill contractors have mostly been used as strategic liasons and rear-echelon security in defense of population centers to free up othern Northern-aligned forces for the front lines. Their Artillery, Mortar, and Rocket Interception Systems have been deployed near most major Northern cities. Beginning in 2022, Quill has begun deploying air interdiction patrols to prevent elements of the Southern air force from effectively operating against Northern positions.

  1. Tuvria resigned on 18 February 2021.