Victoria Engebretsen

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Victoria Engebretsen
Victoria Enge.jpg
Lady of the city of Tvillingtopplandsby
In office
MonarchIngrid the Reclaimer
Personal details
BornJuly 11, 1994
Political partyKurintail Democratic Party
Alma materEast Fantøm University

Victoria Engebretsen (born July 11, 1994) is a current senator and activist from Tvillingtopplandsby, and was the first kemonomimi select for senator service in Nystatiszna in 2018. She was select to service her home city of Tvillingtopplandsby and registered party member of the Kurintail Democratic Party. Later after the Nystatiszna transition from a Republic into a Akuan State, her senator seat was transfer into a nobility seat representing her hometown of Tvillingtopplandsby.

Engebretsen, studied political science and Vaaran at Tømmer University under the patronaged of Wright Family scholarship program. She later deferred her spring semester to lead a protest march on the senate after passing of a bill that will increase the price of foodstuffs for Kemonomimi. She was arrested and held in a re-educational center for three months until Ayo Hoshi and Luke Wright organized her release. She returned to college to finish her education. After graduating in 2015, she fully went into politics and joining the Free Kemonomimi Movement and the Kurintail Democratic Party.

She was selected to be a senator by President Ayo Hoshi after she lead a protest blocking the construction of a complex that will displace several dozen kemonomimi families in early 2018.

Political positions

Engebretsen, describes herself as "pro-Kemonomimi", "pro-traditional Akuan values" and "pro-Nystatiszna." She supports loosening voter laws, universal welfare, term limits and including more kemonomimi into the government.

During the 2018 legislative session, while speaking about a bill she sponsored that would allow Kemonomimi to find different places of work without approval from the government, Engebretsen received multiple death threats from various sources. The bill failed to pass the legislative, and Victoria was lambasted by the Imperial Party for her attempts to push a less centralized government. Stating that it was further tensions between the species by allowing the lessor informed to decide on where they would work the best instead of the more well informed party of the government.

She is a massive supporter of free universal education for all species, saying that improving education would help tackle the country's drinking problem. She described herself as a "big proponent of career and technology schools" which she said were a better fit for the developing country compared to establishing more higher level of educational requirement careers.