List Of Kuthern Military Bases

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This is a list of military installations owned or used by the Royal Kuthern Armed Forces currently located in the Kingdom Of Kuthernburg and around the world. This list details only current or recently closed facilities.

An "installation" is defined as "a military base, camp, post, station, yard, center, homeport facility for any ship, or other activity under the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense, including leased space, that is controlled by, or primarily supports DoD's activities.

The Kingdom Of Kuthernburg operates a global network of military installations with locations in dozens of nations on every continent, with 16 "named bases" having active-duty, National Guard, reserve, or civilian personnel as of July 30, 2020. Its largest, in terms of personnel, is Gronmund Port AB, in Lokania, with almost 6,400 personnel. The Ministry Of Defense stated in 2019 that there are "around" 211 bases total, with "around" 82 of them overseas. Due to the sensitive nature of the subject there are no comprehensive of detailed information on the exact number or location of all bases, stations and installations as it involves highly classified information.

Kuthern Bases


  • State Of Luthernburg
    • Mosssprings Depot
    • Fort Naomi
    • Royal Queen National Guard Base
    • Luthernburg Joint Naval-AFB
  • Rift
    • Lares National Guard Station
    • Joint Base Richford-Luthernton
  • Minnitonka
    • BoilingField Joint Command Base