Gerald H Henry Class

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Gerald H Herny Class Air Warfare Destroyer

Class Overview
Operators Kuthernburg, Stratarian
Class before Denton Class
Class after None
Subclasses None.
No. of ships Built 8
In commission range 8
Total ships building 0
Total ships planned 4
Total ships cancelled 0
Total ships active 8
Total ships laid up 0
Total ships lost 1
Total ships retired 0
Total ships scrapped 0
Total ships preserved 0

Design Details
Type Air Warfare destroyer
Hull Type(s) Thick
Manufacturer(s) kAE shipyard, Kuthern Electric, Pitchmouth Ship Builders
Design No(s). DDGK 39-46
Unit Cost 760 million KDs

General Characteristics
Crew approx. 31 officers and 203 sailors Length: Overall 147.2 metres (483 ft)
Length: Waterline
Beam 18.6 metres (61 ft) maximum
Draught 5.17 metres (17.0 ft)
Displacement (Standard)
Displacement (Full) 7,000 tonnes (6,900 long tons; 7,700 short tons) full load

Propulsion Combined diesel or gas arrangement

2 × Kuthern Electric Marine model 7LM2500-SA-MLG38 gas turbines, 17,500 kilowatts (23,500 hp) each 2 × Caterpillar Hugo 16 V Bravo diesel engines, 5,650 kilowatts (7,580 hp) each 2 × controllable pitch propellers

Speed Over 28 knots (52 km/h; 32 mph)

Range Over 5,000 nautical miles (9,300 km; 5,800 mi) at 18 knots (33 km/h; 21 mph)

Sensors & Processing Systems Kegis combat system

Lackheed Mertin AN/SPY-1D(V) S-band radar Kasmiyland Grumman AN/SPQ-9B X-band pulse Doppler horizon search radar Kaytheon Mark 99 fire-control system with two continuous wave illuminating radars 2 × K-3 Communications SAM Electronics X-band navigation radars Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems, hull mounted sonar and towed sonar Ultra Electronics Series 2500 electro-optical director Kagem VAMPIR IR search and track system Kafael Toplite stabilised target acquisition sights

Firing & Missile Radar Systems


Electronic Warfare KTT EDO Reconnaissance and Surveillance Systems KS-3701 KSM radar

SwRI MBS-567A communications ESM system Ultra Electronics Kvalon Systems multipurpose digital receiver Kenkins Engineering Defence Systems low-band receiver 4 × Kulka decoy launchers 4 × 6-tube multipurpose decoy launchers

Main Mark 45 5-inch/54-caliber lightweight gun
Secondary 2 × 25mm M242 Bushmaster autocannons in Typhoon mounts
CIWS System 1 × Khalanx CIWS

Missiles 48-cell Mark 41 Vertical Launch System

KIM-66 Standard 2 missile KIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow missile 2 × 4-canister Harpoon missile launchers

Torpedoes 2 × Mark 32 Mod 9 two-tube torpedo launchers

Kurotorp MU90 torpedoes


Units Carried
Aircraft 1 x MH-60R Seahawk

General Information

The Henry class is a ship class of eight air warfare destroyers built for the Royal Kuthern Navy. Although the designation "Air Warfare Destroyer" is used to describe ships dedicated to the defence of a naval force (plus assets ashore) from aircraft and missile attack, the Kuthern destroyers operate in anti-surface, anti-submarine, and naval gunfire support roles.