Aletia Class

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Aletia Class
Aletia Class Diesel-Electric Submarines

Class Overview
Operators Kuthernburg
Class before Bucto Class
Class after Praxford Class
Subclasses None.
No. of ships Built 6
In commission range 0
Total ships building 6
Total ships planned 6
Total ships cancelled 0
Total ships active 6
Total ships laid up 0
Total ships lost 0
Total ships retired 0
Total ships scrapped 0
Total ships preserved 0

Design Details
Type Attack Submarine
Manufacturer United Naval Ship Yards of Nacta. Bessau, Nacata.
Hull No(s). 792-797
Unit Cost 610 Million KD

General Characteristics
Complement 160 Sailors, 1 Spec Op Team
Length: Overall 70.26 metres (230.5 ft)
Beam 7.2 metres (24 ft)
Draught 7.6 metres (25 ft)
Displacement (Surfaced) 2,455 tonnes (2,416 long tons)
Displacement (Submerged) 3,320 tons

Propulsion Diesel-electric – 1 shaft

2 × Jaxman Kalenta 2,035 hp (1.517 MW) 1600 KPA NZ diesels (3.035 MW total) 1 × NEC electric motor (5 MW)

Speed (Surfaced) 12 knots (22 km/h; 14 mph) (surface)
Speed (Submerged) 20 knots (37 km/h; 23 mph)+ (submerged)

Range 8,000 nmi (15,000 km; 9,200 mi)

Sensors & Processing Systems Sonar: Type 3040 active/passive bow, Type 3041 micropuffs, Type 3007 flank, Type 3046/KANTASS MOD towed array, Type 3019 active intercept

Fire Control: Lackhaed-Mertin Librascope SFCS Mk 1 Mod C Radar: kAE Type 7007


Torpedoes 6 x 21 in (533 mm) torpedo tubes (18 Mark 48 torpedoes)

General Information

In the late 1980s the Kutherburg Department of Defense proposed a diesel-electric submarine design to replace the Bucto class. The new submarine class was intended to provide a more cost-effective alternative for training and in coastal defense. The announcement for the new design took place in September 1979. Five designs were put forward, with the DOD selecting the 1,960-ton design. However, the need for export potential upped the displacement limit to 2,400 tons to allow for flexibility in construction if the need for alternative machinery and systems arose.

The Nacatan Shipbuilding & Engineering Ltd. Aletia diesel-electric patrol submarine design was selected. The submarines are 230 feet 7 inches (70.28 m) long overall with a beam of 25 feet (7.6 m) and a draught of 17 feet 8 inches (5.38 m).The submarines has a complement between 792 and 797 with the Royal Kuthern Navy.

The submarines have a single-skinned, teardrop-shaped hull constructed from NQ1 high tensile steel. The hull is fitted with elastomeric acoustic tiles to reduce the submarine's acoustic signature. The class has a reported dive depth of over 650 feet.