Queen Naomi Class

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Queen Naomi Class
Queen Naomi I & II at Luthernburg Naval base

Class Overview
Operators Kuthernburg
Class before Auckland Class
Class after None.
Subclasses None.
No. of ships Built 2
In commission range 2
Total ships building 3
Total ships planned 3
Total ships cancelled 0
Total ships active 2
Total ships laid up 0
Total ships lost 0
Total ships retired 0
Total ships scrapped 0
Total ships preserved 0

Design Details
Type Landing Helicopter Dock/Aircraft Carrier (CVK)
Hull Type(s) Thick
Manufacturer(s) kAE shipyard, Kuthern Electric, Pitchmouth Ship Builders
Design No(s). K61
Unit Cost 462 million KDs

General Characteristics
Crew approx. 900 naval personnel, with equipment and support elements for 1,200 soldiers
Length: Overall 230.82 m (757.3 ft)
Length: Waterline
Beam 32 m (105 ft)
Draught 6.9 m (23 ft)
Displacement (Standard) 26,000 tonnes
Displacement (Full) 30,235,000 tons

Propulsion 2 × 11 kAE POD

Speed 21 knots ( 24 mph)

Range 9,000 nautical miles (17,000 km; 10,000 mi) at 15 knots (28 km/h; 17 mph)

Sensors & Processing Systems KANZA-N air search, kAE surface search, KAR aircraft landing

KID KCCS integrated communications control system

Firing & Missile Radar Systems


Electronic Warfare KEGULUS and KIGEL

Main 4 × 20 mm guns

2 x BPDMS 1 x VLS 4 × 12.7 mm machine guns

CIWS System




Units Carried
Aircraft AV-8B Harrier II, F-35, Rafale M, CH-47 , UH-60

General Information
Motto "For the Queens of our Nation"
Nickname "Big Q" & "Lochness"

The Queen Naomi class is a ship class of two Landing Helicopter Dock/Aircraft Carrier Ships with arresting wires to give it a carrier Capability, built for the Royal Kuthern Navy. With a new climate for growing Kuthernburg Navy spending, a desire existed for forward defense capability for landing and supporting troops on overseas territory. The Kuthern design was selected in 2007, with Pitchmouth responsible for construction of the ships from the keel to the flight deck, and kAE Systems handling the fabrication of the superstructure and fitting out.

Construction of the first ship, RKS Queen Naomi , commenced in late 2008, with the hull launched in early 2011, and sea trials in early 2014. Queen Naomi was commissioned in November 2014. Work on the second vessel, RKS Queen Naomi II, started in early 2010. Queen Naomi II was commissioned in December 2015.

The ships are home-ported at Fleet Base East in Luthernburg and will regularly operate out of Kuthern Gronmund Port , the location of Kavarack Barracks, home of the Kuthern Army's 3rd Brigade.