Four Days War

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Four Days War

(Top-down) Myriad Station, which was destroyed during the Four Days War; Strataric ships blockading the Fire Pact.
DateDecember 11, 2016 to Janurary 31, 2017*

Treaty of Aura:


File:La Rioja.png The Atlae Isles Support:


Template:Externalflag The Fire Pact Alliance

Commanders and leaders
SEPCF leaders: File:La Rioja.png Calvin I

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Casualties and losses

Template:Externalflag Fire Pact Alliance

  • Though the peace treaty officially ending the war was signed on Janurary 31, some historians argue that the war ended when combat ended, on December 14.

  • The Four Days War was a major conflict between the South East Pacific Coalition Forces and two nations of the Fire Pact Alliance, Celannica and Asendavia. It occurred in major places on Urth.

    Tensions Leading to War

    When Celannica founded the Fire Pact Alliance, nations were concerned that they would be a major obstruction to the spread of democracy, Other nations, such as Stratarin, were instead worried about the Tripartite State's infractions against its citizens. Emberwood Coast decided that they needed to create an organization to oppose the Pact, and founded the South-East Pacific Coalition with Stratarin, Tuvaltastan, and Setzna. Shortly afterward, Axdel, Staynes, and Tretrid joined the Coalition. Later, the goal was revised to oppose all threats to democracy. Shortly later An embargo was quickly enacted, and shortly afterward, a blockade was set. The tensions came to a head when Tripartite State declared war on the SEPC, and Stratarin declared war on the Fire Pact Alliance.

    The Southern Front

    As the war started in the Gulf of Gondwana on December 11, 2016, Celannica started to conduct blockade runs. Some attempted to take over three Strataric ships by boarding them but were killed. After a few hours, all blockade runners were destroyed. When peace talks started on December 14, the blockade was no longer enforced.

    The Northern Front

    Main article: Northern Front (Four Days War)

    On December 12, Asendavia launched an invasion against the Tretridian city of Draeset, not realizing that it wasn't a port city. They were met by every fleet of the Navy that wasn't already on assignment, under the command of Navy Admiral John Vega. He coordinated the movements and held off the Asendavian Fleet. On December 13, The Atlae Isles to the North, noting the significant security risk, declared war on the Fire Pact Alliance, and started preparations to move their fleet south to surround the Asendavian fleet. When peace talks started on December 14, the Asendavian fleet raised a white flag and retreated.

    The Orbital Front

    The destroyed hull of Myriad Station in orbit.

    After the launch of Myriad Station, the Fire Pact Alliance responded with the Eternal Wrath, a weaponized space station built to destroy satellites. Tretrid fired an EMP at it, attempting to incapacitate it for an hour. However, for unknown reasons, the systems were knocked out for several weeks, killing everybody aboard except for military androids. As revenge, the Celan Defense Minister ordered the weapons to destroy Myriad. The crew members of Myriad evacuated seconds before it hit, breaking the station into small but dangerous debris. The debris set off extreme Kessler Syndrome, damaging or destroying satellites belonging to the Veridian Union, Vekaiyu, South Hills, Pax Draconica, the Staynish-Caltharus Empire and other notable bodies.

    Peace Talks

    On December 14, the Veridian Union, the head of the NGU, responded to the destruction of satellites by giving people with citizenship in the SEPC or the Fire Pact a choice: be deported or renounce your citizenship to the SEPC or the Fire Pact Alliance. It also threatened that if peace talks didn't occur, the NGU would also enforce economic sanctions. They also sent a message to Vekaiyu, which was considering its options, encouraging it to aid peace talks.

    An international cease-fire was declared, and the blockade in the Gulf of Gondwana started letting FPA ships through without any violence. The Asendavians also retreated from the coast of Tretrid.

    Peace talks convened in Emberwood Coast's capital, Aura. After much deliberation, the Treaty of Aura was signed on January 31, 2017, a full month after peace talks began. Among the conditions to end the war were:

    • The investigation of the EMP sent that hit the Eternal Wrath
    • The investigation of the motives behind the destruction of Myriad Station
    • Reparations for both the SEPC and the FPA, mainly collected for the damage done in space
    • The disarmament of the Eternal Wrath
    • Investigations for any war crimes commited


    The Four Days War had no noticeable effect on the map, but changed the political atmosphere in beligerents.

    For example, in Tretrid, the establishment party, the Liberal Party lost some of its popularity. Even though previously, Tretrid and the Atlae Isles had a somewhat friendly relationship, it started to become cold, as Atlaesians started to blame the Tretridians for the war and the destruction of Myriad Station.

    The Atlae Isles, after the war, made the decision to join the SEPC, and has remained there since.

    In Stratarin, a significant contributor to the Myriad Station, the Minister of Space Exploration, Luka Dreykov, was found dead on December 26. He committed suicide only days after the destruction of Myriad.

    In Emberwood Coast, who had originally renovated Myriad Station, spending to the military was cut drastically to prevent another conflict the magnitude of the Four Days War.

    In Celannica, leadership in both the military and in the nation itself had changed during the war. The military has been reformed, the Eternal Wrath has been disarmed, and dozens of memorials have been built.