Myriad Station

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Myriad Station
Myriad Station orbits Urth.
TypeSpace Station
Place of originEmberwood Coast
Service history
In service2007-2016
Used byECSEA Crew
WarsFour Days War
Production history
ManufacturerECSEA, Light Shadow Manufacturing
Unit cost895.50 million cr
Number built1
Weight688.23 tonnes
Length28.05 m
Width22.24 m
Height24.875 m
The ventral cupola aboard Myriad station

Myriad Station is an orbital platform operated by the premier space agency of Emberwood Coast, the ECSEA. Recently, the Southern Pacific Alliance have been in talks to renovate and re-purpose the multi-million credit craft. It was destroyed in the Four Days War by the Fire Pact Alliance.