Oan Intelligence Bureau

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Oan Intelligence Bureau
Agency overview
FormedEarly 20th century
JurisdictionThe Oan Isles
HeadquartersTokapa, the Oan Isles
Annual budget2 billion KRB
Minister responsible
Agency executive
Parent agencyDepartment of Foreign Affairs

The Oan Intelligence Bureau (OIB) is the foreign intelligence service of the Oan Isles officially tasked with gathering, processing and analyzing national security information from foreign nations primarily through the use of human intelligence. It is led by the Director of the Oan Intelligence Bureau, currently Tipene Rahua. It was established in the early 20th century to provide the Oan Isles with intelligence on enemy states during the Great War.

Purpose and function

  • To gather information on relevant foreign security threats
  • To analyze and process foreign intelligence data
  • To archive and make accessible as required by law data, documents and other sensitive information
  • To advise the government on nation security policy
  • To undertake secret foreign operations on behalf of the government such as counterintelligence.

Organization structure

The OIB is accountable to the Oan government through the Department of Foreign Affairs. The Director reports to the Oan Foreign Minister, Arana Marama, on the operations of the institution. The Director and senior agency officials are also answerable to the Intelligence Committee of the Council of the People of the National Assembly. Disclosures made in that body are usually secret. The Inspector-General of Intelligence is responsible for ensuring that the agency operates in line with the law. It forms part of the larger Oan Intelligence Community, a forum for inter-agency cooperation administered by the Ministerial Working Group for Security which is chaired by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Home Affairs, Justice and Finance on a rotational basis.

The Director oversees the operation and running of the agency and holds its senior officials accountable for their work. The OIB consists of the Analysis, Support, Operations and Research & Procurement Departments which are run by their respective directors under the umbrella of the Executive Office of the Director which coordinates and administers the rest of the organization.


The agency employs approximately 2,000 and an undisclosed number of independent contractors. It maintains the Foreign Intelligence Training Program to equip its staff with a variety of skills to undertake intelligence operations. Overall, the organization has grown in the number of permanent staff.

Budget and resources

Annual expenditure hovers around 2 billion KRB. The budget is only disclosed to the Intelligence Committee with a rough approximation given to the Council of the People. It is seated in the Taruhiruhi Building in Tokapa. It maintains undisclosed facilities throughout the country and in some foreign nations.


The Oan Intelligence Bureau publishes a Geopolitical Threat Assessment report on threats to the Oan Isles and its allies. There are reports from insiders that the OIB has provided intelligence reports to the UNAC Commission and Council. It forms part of the broader Auroran intelligence community under the Auroran Security Agency, providing that organization with information and sharing information with other Auroran nations’ institutions under the ASA umbrella. It also participates in initiatives with the Intercontinental Regional Security Accords. It has been reported to assassinate political enemies of the Oan Isles, deposit spies to monitor foreign governments and corporations, send spies to seek out terrorist and organized criminal organizations in foreign nations, and supply foreign actors with intelligence and tools against enemy targets. As its domestic jurisdiction is limited, it works with member organisations of the Oan Intelligence Community.