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Volkian Union Bank Corporation
Native name
Волкия Союз Банка
IndustryBanking, financial services
PredecessorVolkia Bank
Mikhaileyov Banking
FoundedMay 1, 1979; 45 years ago (1979-05-01)
FounderSamuil Griboyedov
HeadquartersVolkgoroda, Volkia
Number of locations
~3,500 financial centers & ~10,800 atms
Key people
Maxim Polotentsev (Chairman and CEO)
Tanya Obukhova
(Vice Chairman)
ProductsConsumer banking, corporate banking, insurance, investment banking, mortgage loans, private banking, private equity, wealth management, credit cards
RevenueIncrease $62.78 billion (2020)
OwnerGovernment of Volkia (30.85%)
Emerald Group (15.76%)
Number of employees
150,000 (2020) (2020)

The Volkia Union Bank Corporation (Volkian: Волкия Союз Банка Корпорация, Volkiya Soyuz Banka Korporatsiya), simply referred to as Volkia Union Bank and abbreviated as VSB (Volkian: ВСБ) is a Volkian investment bank and financial services holding company headquartered in Volkgoroda, Volkia. It is the largest bank in Volkia and services over 35 million customer accounts and is exploring options to expand business into other countries.

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