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This article lists the Federal Ministries of the Volkian Federative Republic.

Current ministries

Ministry Minister Notes
Agriculture Makar Kuklin Develops and executes federal laws relating to farming, agriculture, and food. It also is responsible for agricultural production, soil conservation, rural development, agricultural market regulation, and financial stabilization of the farm sector.
Commerce Yulian Pavlenko Promotes economic growth and implements foreign trade policy and responsibilities relating to multilateral and bilateral commercial relations, state trading, export promotion measures, and development and regulation of certain export oriented industries and commodities.
Culture Svetlana Kazankova Responsible for cultural policy, establishing and maintaining a list of historical and culturally important sites, maintaining national archives of cultural work, including public museums, galleries and libraries, creating arts councils, and providing funding to artists and institutions.
Economic Development Stepan Fonvizin Forms and regulates policies related to socioeconomic and business development in Volkia.
Education Sofia Zavragin Establishes educational policy. Administers and coordinates federal assistance establish policy for, administer and coordinate most federal assistance to education. Collects data on schools and enforces federal educational laws regarding privacy and civil rights.
Emergency Situations Sergey Puchkov Establishes federal policy for civil defense, creation and functioning of the system of insurance fund documentation, utilization of radioactive wastes, and preventing emergency situations and creating policies for reactions to them. In cases of widespread disaster, helps coordinate responses between various levels of government (oblast and federal).
Energy Zhanna Tokareva Responsible for energy production, policy, climate change policy, and natural resources like coal, oil, and natural gas.
Finance Katya Aptekar Acts as the financial agent for the Volkian government. Formulates and recommends domestic and international financial, economic, and tax policy. Helps formulate broad fiscal policies that affect the economy, and manages the public debt. Responsible for manufacturing coins and currency.
Foreign Affairs Nikolai Skorobogatov Responsible for leading foreign policy and foreign relations of Volkia. Responsible for the international relations of Volkia, negotiates treaties and agreements with foreign entities, and represents Volkia at international summits and conferences.
Health and Social Affairs Timofei Utyuzhin Responsible for establishing policies to protect the health of all citizens and provide essential services. The ministry also runs the country's universal healthcare system.
Housing and Urban Development Viktoriya Urakova Develops and executes policies on housing and metropolises.
Internal Affairs Vanya Titov Provides internal security to Volkia. Operates the Volkian Coast Guard, Border Guard Service, and the Federal Security Service. Responsible for protection of federal buildings, borders, customs, and immigration.
Justice Lukyan Dyogtin Administers federal law and applies penalties for federal crimes. Some agencies of the ministry include Federal Investigative Service (FSR), the Narcotics Enforcement Agency (NPA), the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Bureau (BOTA), the Federal Marshals Service, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBT).
Labor Klara Vacic Handles labor issues. Sets national labor standards, labor dispute mechanisms, employment, workforce participation, training, occupational safety, wage and hour standards, and social security.
Land Management Natalya Salka Responsible for governing land use, urban planning, construction projects, and assists in the resolution of land use conflicts.
National Defense Ludmila Kravchuk Exercises administrative and operational leadership of the Volkian Defense Forces. Responsible for defending Volkian territory and national interests.
Sport Anatoly Nevzorov Responsible for establishing and maintaining a national sports framework and promoting physical activity and exercise participation in schools, regional, and local communities. Also organizes athletic and national sporting events, in addition to enforcement against drug use and anti-competitive measures. The Olympic Team and most National teams are ultimately regulated and governed by this ministry.
Tourism Vladislava Lapukhova Formulates and administers the rules, regulations, and laws relating to the development and promotion of tourism in Volkia.
Transportation and Communications Oksana Zhirenkova Responsible for transportation systems and communication networks in Volkia. Oversees road safety, civil aviation, maritime transport, rail transport, developing government transportation policy, organizing public transport, and the maintenance and construction of infrastructural projects. Manages the Volkian Postal Service.
Veterans Affairs Alexander Maklakov Responsible for medical care and pensions of aging veterans, in addition to assisting them with education, employment, and loans.

Defunct Ministries

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