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Volkian naval jack

This is a list of active Volkian Navy ships. The Volkian Navy consists of just over 150 commissioned ships. Primary assets include 2 nuclear aircraft carriers, 3 amphibious assault ships, 12 air-defense destroyers, 10 anti-submarine destroyers, 10 nuclear attack submarines, 7 ballistic missile submarines, and 19 general purpose frigates. The Navy also maintains a number of non-commissioned vessels for logistics and support of the main fleet.


Submarine fleet

Class Picture Type Boat Displacement Notes
Zashchitnik class Ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) Makushin (BP-4)
Akusha (BP-5)
48,000 t Due to be decommissioned by 2024. Replaced by Avangard class.
Avangard class Ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) Avangard (BP-7)
Chasovoy (BP-8)
Gvardeyets (BP-9)
Garnizon (BP-10)
Krepost (BP-11)
24,000 t One additional boat building/ordered
Volk class Attack submarine (SSN) Stareyshina (UP-407)
Sovet (UP-408)
9,100 t To be decommissioned by 2023.
Nesti class Attack submarine (SSN) Nesti (UP-450)
Grizli (UP-451)
Polyarnyy (UP-452)
Chernyy (UP-453)
Kogot (UP-454)
13,400 t
Orel class Attack submarine (SSN) Orel (UP-500)
Sokol (UP-501)
Skopa (UP-502)
13,800 t Three additional boats building/ordered.

Surface fleet

Aircraft carriers

Class Picture Type Boat Displacement Notes
Aleksey Pushkarev class Aircraft carrier Aleksey Pushkarev (A-16)
Stefan Gurkovsky (A-17)
59,000 t

Amphibious warfare

Class Picture Type Boat Displacement Notes
Uragan class Landing helicopter dock (LHD) Uragan (D-100)
Tornado (D-101)
Grom (D-102
21,500 t One additional ship building.

Destroyers and frigates

Class Picture Type Boat Displacement Notes
Volkgoroda class Air-defense destroyer Volkgoroda (E-620)
Kursavka (E-621)
Georgiyevsk (E-622)
Likhoslavl (E-623)
Zarinsk (E-624)
Zuyevka (E-625)
7,050 t Four additional ships building/ordered.
Volsk class Air-defense frigate Nikolayevsk (E-205)
Sigayevo (E-207)
Poltovka (E-209)
Sharlyk (E-210)
4,500 t Due to be decommissioned in 2025. Will be replaced by four Volkgoroda class vessels.
Admiral Dragomirov class Anti-submarine destroyer Admiral Dragomirov (E-650)
Admiral Dyogtev (E-651)
Admiral Zimkov (E-652)
Admiral Zolotov (E-653)
Admiral Izmaylov (E-654)
Admiral Lyapin (E-655)
Admiral Ponikorov (E-656)
Admiral Skuratov (E-657)
7,900 t
Admiral Tretyakov class General purpose frigate Admiral Tretyakov (F-415)
Admiral Milyukov (F-416)
Admiral Kortnev (F-417)
Admiral Tikhomirov (F-418)
5,400 t Two additional ships building/ordered.
Alexander Polivanov class General purpose frigate Alexander Polivanov (F-745)
Yuri Yemelin (F-746)
Fyodor Krikalyov (F-747)
Alexi Bliznetsov (F-748)
Valentin Sabitov (F-749)
Konstantin Ramazanov (F-750)
Feodor Drugov (F-751)
4,000 t Three additional ships building/ordered.
Tigr class General purpose frigate Tigr (F-725)
Leopard (F-726)
Gepard (F-727)
Lev (F-728)
Puma (F-729)
Yaguar (F-730)
Pantera (F-731)
Otselot (F-732)
4,400 t One additional ship, Karakal (F-733), building.

Auxiliary fleet

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