Great Auroran Desert

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Great Auroran Desert
Countries and territoriesNorth Ethalrian Confederacy
  • Ethalrian
  • Thalrian
  • Tuvalt
  • Volovan
  • Nolovan
  • Biramuran
  • Oscrelian
  • Xiopothan
Major regional organizations
Area km2
Primary languagesStaynish, Ethalrian, Salovian, Codexian
ReligionVaerism, Thaerism, Verk'ohism
CapitalsNovugdidi (Volova), Nolov (Nolova)
Total GDP (nominal)billion (2020)
($ per capita)

The Great Auroran Desert, also called Didikvisha in Salovian and Große Aurorenwüste in Ethalrian, is a desert located on the continent of Aurora. Covering an estimated area of ___ sq km, it is the third or fourth largest desert in total area.

The desert encompasses much of the eastern half of Aurora, surrounded on all sides by otherwise fertile and humid land, primarily on the coasts. Beginning as the rain shadow of the East Divide mountain range, the desert extends through most of Xiopothos, Oscrelia, and Volova, jutting westward into the Ethaln Plains into a region called the Ethaln Divide, as it serves as a separator of the northern and southern plains. Its northern edge is bordered mostly by the Kalivian Mountains, which further contribute to the desert's size. Its southern end extends to the Mouth of Mortagra and is bounded by the fertile Tuvalt coastline.