East Pacific Treaty Organization

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East Pacific Treaty Organization
FormationMarch 1, 2005
TypeMilitary Alliance
HeadquartersLiberty City, FPS
Official LanguageCodexian
Secretary GeneralVacant

The East Pacific Treaty Organization (EPTO) is an intergovernmental military alliance in the East Pacific. The organization constitutes a system of collective defense whereby its member states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any external party. The EPTO maintains a rapid deployment force, the Emergency Action Force (EAF), to quickly address immediate threats to member states. The organization also operates the East Pacific Armament Program (EPAC), which promotes, facilitates, and coordinates collaborative efforts by EPTO members to develop military technology, equipment, and weaponry. The EPTO, EAF, and EPAC headquarters are located in Liberty City, FPS. There are five EPTO members: Free Pacific States, East Malaysia, Xiopothos, Lyon, and Tuvaltastan. Iseul, Hoopland, East Gemica Islands, and Gim hold observer status.

The East Pacific Treaty Organization was formed in 2005 as an alliance between the Free Pacific States and East Malaysia, gaining the name "East Pacific Treaty Organization" through a combination of the names of the two nations. These countries aimed to combat rising instability across Urth, but particularly in Yasteria. The alliance quickly gained new members, and at one time, stood as Urth's predominant international organization. Over time, the alliance evolved to focus on defending against the threat of Pax, especially after the 2006 Drone Insurrection. The alliance fell into inactivity in the 2010s, however, when member state Drakkengard peacefully joined the Pax Empire. Most members left after that point, and though EPTO leaders ultimately concluded that Drakkengard had yielded its membership by joining with the Pax, the organization remained dormant. The EPTO members remain allied, however, and the EPAC continues to operate very actively. The EAF retains a small force at this time, comprised of special forces, air units, and support personnel.


The East Pacific is currently in the process of revamping its canon, making any intensive description of the history of this organization impossible.


There are six member states of the EPTO: FPS, East Malaysia, Xiopothos, Reziel, RNH, and Lyon. The former two states founded the organization, which was joined by the latter four states between 2005 and 2010. The organization had fourteen other members at one time or another including Gnidrah, Krechzianko, Vladivostock Island, and Drakkengard. Each of these countries has since left the organization, ceased to exist, or in the case of Drakkengard, been determined by the EPTO to have ceased to exist. Proposals to expand the organization have in the past focused on Dragonia, Dannistaan, Bai Lung, and Lazlowia.


East Pacific Council

The East Pacific Council is the governing body of the EPTO. The council possesses complete authority over the organization including the EAF and EPAC, and elects the Secretary General of the organization. Each member state has a single vote on the Council, which meets annually at the headquarters to discuss organization business. The Council also meets anytime a member of the organization requests an emergency summit, though such a conference has not been held in close to a decade.

Emergency Action Force

The Emergency Action Force is a rapid deployment force designed to quickly respond when EPTO members face external attack. The EAF is presently comprised of a several special forces units, support units, and air units, constituting a total force of approximately 10,000 personnel. FPS, East Malaysia, and Xiopothos committed most of these troops, though contributions were also made by Reziel, RNH, and Lyon. The EAF is best-equipped for responding to an unconventional attack upon a nation, though it is capable of providing support in the case of a conventional assault.

East Pacific Armament Program

The East Pacific Armament Program is a joint effort to develop standardized, high-quality military equipment for EPTO members. The EPTO created the EPAC in 2005 to expand upon the successes of the Common Armament Program (CAP), which produced a number of ships, vehicles, and aircraft that became commonplace in the Free Pacifican, East Malaysian, and Xiopothan militaries. The EPAC conducts its work by convincing states to pledge funds to cooperative development efforts, and then by contracting arms manufacturers to produce parts. The EPAC took over all existing CAP programs in 2005, and subsequently greatly expanded CAP's efforts. The EPAC predicts that by 2025, the vast majority of the military equipment of all EPTO members will be comprised of systems developed by the EPAC. A handful of non-EPTO nations also use EPTO equipment including Aelitia, Rhodesia, and Infinite Loop.

The EPAC manages several dozen programs including each of the following:

The EPAC also has license from South Hills for the C-5 Galaxy and the KC-135 Stratotanker, and manages the manufacture and distribution of these aircraft for EPTO members.