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Symbol of Vaerism worn as a necklace.

Vaerism, also known as Valerian Thaerism is a monotheistic religion that branched from Thaerism in the 13th century. It teaches the wisdom of Thaer. Its adherents, known as Vaerists, believe in a single God (Thaer), who passed on his teachings to Matilda. It is one of Aurora's largest religions with over 180 million followers.

Valerian Thaerism formed after the Thaerist reform in the 13th century where it was changed to act more as a way of life than a classic missionary religion. A group of old-way Thaerists from the Kingdom of Valeria sought to introduce a more hard approach to the assimilation of irreligious groups. Valerian Thaerism is considered a denomination of Thaerism.