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The Kingdom of Alksearia

Flag of Alksearia
Motto: Xaethos bless the Monarch!
National Animal: King Charles Spaniel
National Flower: Tulips
LocationLocated in Northern Arcturia (nation is in Blue)
Official languagesAlkari
Ethnic groups
88% Elvan
10% Human
2% Other
Church of Xaethos
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Queen
• Archbishop
Rhea III of House Eternatus
General Assembly
• Kingdom Formed
499,176.202 km2 (192,733.009 sq mi)
• 2019 estimate
• 2015 census
GDP (nominal)2019 estimate
• Total
$747,856,857,500(747.86 Billion)
• Per capita
CurrencyAlkari Ducat (KAC)
Date formatMM/DD/YYYY
Year Format: BX/AX(Before/After Xaethos)
Driving sideright
Calling code790
Internet TLD.ka

The Kingdom of Alksearia, or more commonly known as Alksearia, is located on the Western shores of Arcutria. It is a Constitutional Monarchy, with the Crown retaining power over Foreign Affairs and military power, and the Parliament holding control over domestic policy and affairs. The first elections to be held was in July 2020, where Liberal Alkearia won the majority. A second election was held in 2021 after the Prime Minister was arrested on charges of Treason. Alksearia also has a subservient church, Church of Xaethos, that has autonomous control over the Eternatus Island.

King Eldras VI started to move the kingdom away from absolutism into a more constitutional monarchy in late 2020. This move has been met with a lot of controversy within Alksearia. The first government formed was under Matthias Barbet, however, his government came to end in October 2020, leading to then-Princess-Regent Dorothea to call for a new election. The second election will happen on 9th January 2021. Queen Dorothea is the current monarch after the brutal murder of her father, King Eldras VI on live television. This has lead to a war between Balistria and Alksearia, bringing most of the world to war.


The Kingdom of Alksearia is the successor state to the Duchy of Eastern Alksearia and the Grand Duchy of Western Alksearia. The two were combined in 1599 under the first king of the new kingdom, King Erique I.

The history of Alksearia since the inception of the Kingdom has been split into 3 distinct periods: The First Kingdom, The Second Kingdom, the Third Kingdom. Contrary to the titles of these periods, it is the same Kingdom throughout all periods.

The First Kingdom(1599-1740)

King Enrique I unified the Duchies of Eastern and Western Alksearia by marrying into the Grand Duchy of Western Alksearia, and by going to war with the last of the rebellious counties. His wife, Queen

Main points:

-rise and fall of the Barrau Dynasty

-unification of the Kingdom and the Church


-Succession Crisis

The Second Kingdom(1740-2020)

Main points:

-rise of the Tuvania Dynasty

-centralization of the power of Kingdom

-continued colonialization

-The Great War

-Post-Great War

-Eldras VI's first 10 years

The Third Kingdom(2020-Present Day)

After announcing an election, Eldras VI started to work to reform some different laws in the country before the parliament was elected. His last reform was abolishing both the serfdom and the practice of involuntary servitude. The results of the July 2020 election ended with Liberal Alksearia winning 230 seats, Monarchist Party winning 100 seats, the Nationalist Party winning 94 seats, and a single Independent winning 1 seat. The leader of Liberal Alksearia, Matthias Barbet, formed the first elected government of Alksearia. During Barbet's tenure, King Eldras VI was kidnapped and executed extra-judiciary in Balistria for "crimes against democracy." This lead to the start of the Balistrian Coalition War. This war concluded with the annexation of Balistria within Alksearia.

Following Matthias Barbet's arrest, Archbishop Rhea has started a fund to help Barbet defend himself in Court. Queen Dorothea has announced that she will be the lead prosecutor in the case. (more will be added as the Roleplay An Empress Rises continues)


The Monarchy

While the Monarchy has served with absolute power since the founding of the kingdom, Eldras VI revised the system to become more of a Constitutional Monarchy. The Monarchy retained Foreign Affairs powers, and retained the ability to veto laws coming out of the Parliament. The Crown also serves as the secondary head of the Executive Branch of Alksearia, sharing this power with the Prime Minister. While the Crown does not handle governing powers (as that is the job of the Prime Minister), the Crown does retain the right to disband the Parliament in the event that the Parliament:

a) commits a crime against the Crown

b) the government has fallen and a new election needs to be held

c) in a State of Emergency that must be approved by the Prime Minister's Cabinet

While the Crown has the power appoint any person they want as a diplomat to another nation, the Crown has a small Foreign Affairs Committee comprised of 5 sitting members of the General Assembly. King Eldras VI used this briefly when nominating Dorothea to be diplomat to both Norgsveldet and New Leganes, and when he created the position of Ambassador to the UCA. Dorothea didn't use the committee during the Balistrian Coalition War, as the General Assembly was disbanded following the arrest of Matthias Barbet. Dorothea has also toyed with the idea of changing how the committee is set up following reports that Matthias Barbet and fellow supporters were looking to strip the Crown of its Constitutional powers.

The Parliament

The Parliament was established in August 2020 after a referendum to ratify the Constitution of the Kingdom of Alksearia. The first government formed was under Matthias Barbet, a well-known activist for democracy within Alksearia. He had met with King Eldras VI on numerous occasions to help establish what the Parliament would look like. When the referendum passed, Barbet had his fellow activists and friends band together to create the Liberal Alksearia Party. Unsurprisingly, Liberal Alksearia won more than enough seats to form the first government. The other two parties were formed in reaction to the rise of Liberal Alksearia. The Nationalist Party was set up to uphold traditional Alkari traditions while also limiting the power of the central government. The Monarchists were formed to give the Monarch more power and to limit the power of the Legislature. Both of these early opposition parties were faced with a ton of internal struggles and instability until the fall of the Liberal Alksearia party in

The Parliament is split into two chambers: The General Assembly (lower house) and the Senate (Upper House). The General Assembly and the Senate have the ability to propose and approve of any bills submitted to either chamber. Both houses must approve legislation before it is signed into law. The Government is formed in the lower house. The current government is lead by Prime Minister Matthias Barbet, however, after his arrest, a special election is expected to take place on 16th January 2021.

Prime Minister

See also: Prime Ministers of Alksearia

The Prime Minister is the Head of Government of Alksearia. The Prime Minister has the job of assembling the Cabinet, and governing the domestic and internal affairs of Alksearia. While this position has been created as an elected position in 2020, there was a position known as Ministre de la Couronne (Staynish: Minister to the Crown) that served as an advisor to the Crown until it was disbanded in 1870. The Prime Minister is the leader of the party with the majority of the seats. If there is a coalition, the Prime Minister is the leader of the party with the most seats. The position of Deputy Prime Minister does not exist, unless there is a coalition whereas the deputy( or deputies) are the leaders of the minority parties in the coalition. The Cabinet of the Prime Minister assists the Prime Minister govern and create committees to get laws passed pertaining to the internal affairs of the nation.

The General Assembly

The composition of The General Assembly as of August 2020: (parties from left to right)

Liberal Alksearia: 290 seats
Official Opposition:
Monarchist Party: 126 seats
Other Opposition:
Nationalist Party: 118 seats
Independent: 1 seat

The General Assembly is the lower house of the Parliament, and is the seat of the Government. Each member of the General Assembly represents a district in Alksearia and are elected to a 5 year term. There are currently 535 Members of the General Assembly in the General Assembly. The General Assembly has the power to introduce and enact laws. A simple majority is required for all laws to pass. Laws passed by the General Assembly must pass the Senate. If any amendments to the bill are made in the Senate, the General Assembly must confirm the amendments with a simple majority. If an amendment fails in the General Assembly, it is stricken from the bill, and the Senate must vote on the original bill or on the bill with any approved amendments. The General Assembly and the Senate help to formulate a budget for the fiscal year.

The General Assembly rarely has all 535 members sitting in session at the same time. All MGAs are required to be in the Assembly Chamber during an Opening Session, a Closing session, a Voting session, and a Special Session. Most meetings outside of those sessions happen within Committees or Conferences. All MPs are required to be a member at least one Committee and one Conference, and they are not allowed to be in more than 3 Committees and 3 Conferences. A sitting Chair is not allowed to sit as a member of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister.

The General Assembly also has the power to confirm the Prime Minister's nominations to cabinet positions. While it is not required that member as of the Cabinet be from the Governing Party, it has been observed that all members of the Cabinet have been from the Governing Party. PM Matthias Barbet was once asked why he never considered an opposition member for a Cabinet position, and he simple said, "It is my job to lead a nation, and the only one I know who will help me are members of my party. We have the votes and we hold the majority. I do not need the Opposition poisoning the Government."

While the government is formed by the majority, the Opposition forms the Shadow Government. Being a Shadow Minister does not give any addition power to an MP. The leader of the Shadow Government is the Leader of the Opposition. During the previous session, the Leader of the Opposition was David Pernet of the Monarchist Party. The Deputy Leader of the Opposition is Fabien Morel from the Nationalist Party. The Shadow Government was formed as a coalition against Liberal Alksearia and the "radical changes they sought to bring to our Kingdom" and "to push back against the slander of the Monarchy." The Shadow government was given a chance to form a full government on 16th October 2020, however, the proposal died on the floor when Liberal Alksearia voted unanimously against the motion of a Minority government.

The current ruling Party, Liberal Alksearia, held a majority of seats in the General Assembly with 290 seats after an election in late July 2020. They held onto this majority until 15th October 2020, when the government fell with the arrest of Matthias Barbet. On 16th October 2020, Liberal Alksearia voted against a proposal to form a Minority hold-over government that would be controlled by the Opposition. With the rejection of this proposal, a special election was called. In the Interim, Liberal Alksearia was renamed to the National Alksearia Party (NAP) to better reflect the values that the party stood for, and to distance themselves from Barbet. The leader of NAP, Enzo Giraud, has had the difficult task of leading an extremely small minority government after Roland Jerome split with the party after the NAP leadership convention.

A special election was planned to occur on 16th January 2021 and final official results would be in on 22nd January, however, with the events of the Balistrian Coalition War, the election was delayed as most of southern Alksearia was occupied. This election sees an expansion of the General Assembly from 535 seats to 725 seats to reflect the changes. With the Coalition War ending on 23rd December 2020, the campaign cycle was started up again. The election would be held on 9th January, but with the late-King Eldras VI's funeral the day before, the election was moved a week out of respect.

The Senate


The Senate is presided over by the Lord/Lady Governor of the Senate. The current Lady Governor is Claire Bennet. Her tenure has been hallmarked by the start of the democratic General Assembly, the Liberal-Democrat controversy, and the arrest of Matthias Barbet.


The Army

The Army has an interesting structure compared to other nations. The military is divided into 5 different orders: The Order of Xaethos, the Order of Alksearia, the Order of Ælon, The Royal Order, and The Order of Novia.