Royal Cranian Air Force

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Royal Cranian Airforce
Cranish Airforce Flag
Active1 October 1940
AllegianceCranish Defense
BranchCranish Airforce
TypeAir Force
Size96,050 personal ( 420 Aircraft)
AnniversariesJanuary 1st
Chief of Air ForceJeppe Høj
Aircraft flown
AttackA-6 A-29
FighterF-16, F-15SE
Attack helicopterDenel Rooivalk
Observation helicopterOH-6
Utility helicopterS-70, Eurocopter AS532, CH-146
ReconnaissanceE-3, U-2, RQ-3, MQ-4C
TrainerBAE Systems Hawk, CT-114, Yak-130,
TransportC-135, An-70,
TankerKC-135, KC-707,

The Royal Cranish Air Force (RCAF) is the aerial warfare force of Crania and one of the four branches of the Cranish Defense. Initially being components of the Army and the Navy, it was made a separate service in 1940. It main purpose is to serve as enforcer of Cranish airspace and to provide air support to Cranish group troops on the battlefield.

The infrastructure of the RCAF includes Twelve airbases six in Crania, two in Kasmiyland, Two in Lessau and two in Kuthernburg, one control and reporting centre, and four training centres.

21 Century Royal Cranish Airforce

In May 1997, a tri-national force of 40 Casmish, Kasmiy, and Lessau F-19 fighter-bombers, with one Lessau Air Force tanker, flew to the Betau Air Base in , to support the NATO ground forces in Inuik as a part of the Operation Inuik Freedom. One of the missions was Operation Atiland Guard.

On 27-28 August, Cranian F-19s bombedAl-Jaheed Fighters in the K-O Mountains during the beginnings of Operation Xagurg Fire.

In 2017, nine F-19s participated on NSTO's Auroran Air Policing operation.

Since February, 2019, thiry Royal Lessau Air Force F-19s, joined by twenty Royal Cranian Air Force CF-25s, have been supporting NSTO International Security Assistance Force ground troops mostly in the southern provinces of Atiland. The air detachment is known as the 45th Lessau-Cranian Participating Forces Expeditionary Air Wing.

Auroran-Pacific War Participation

The York no-fly zone : In a statement, Foreign Minister of Cranian condemned the violence against "peaceful protesters in Yor and Xagurg", saying the protests "are an expression of the people’s desire for more participatory democracy. The authorities must respect fundamental human rights such as political, economic and social rights. It is now vital that all parties do their utmost to foster peaceful dialogue on reforms.". On 19 May 2017 the Norwegian government authorized The Royal Cranian Air Force to head for Great Morstaybishlia and prepare for missions in Aurora. Crania approved 30 F-19 fighters and necessary personnel.

A number of Cranian F-19s took off from their base in the MBE for their first mission over Xagurg. On June 3, the Royal Cranian Air Force attacked Xagurg tanks and during the night towards the 4th. By September 2017 the Crania had dropped close to 820 bombs

From September to December 2017, the Air Force contributed personnel and one CE-5D to Operation Auroran Shield. Operating from the Yor, the aircraft searched for pirates in the Southern Ocean.

Aircraft Inventory

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
CF-26 Hornet Multirole fighter, air superiority fighter Nacata
CA-16 Attack aircraft Crania
CA-19 Attack and counter-insurgency aircraft Crania
Cranish Eletric Hawker Bomber/Reconnaissance Crania
CF-211 Electronic Warfare Crania
CF-25 Multi-role fighter/strike fighter Lessau
AH-2 Attack helicopter Crania
OH-16 Light Observation Helicopter, Air interdiction, Forward air control, Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction Crania
UH-37 Medium-lift transport/utility helicopter Crania
CE-5D Airborne early warning and control South Hills
UH-23 Medium utility military helicopter Latianburg
UH-19 Utility helicopter Crania
CP-21 Maritime patrol aircraft Crania
Swan Advanced trainer aircraft SCE
CT-221 Advanced trainer / Light fighter Subrovania
CH-107 Military transport aircraft Atiland
KC-135 Tanker (aircraft) / Transport, Overwatch / Ground support Kuthernburg