Cranish Defense

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Cranish Defense
File:Crania Armed Flag.png
Flag of the Cranish Defense
Service branchesRoyal Cranian Army
Royal Cranian Navy
Royal Cranian Air Force
Cranian Emergency Management Agency
Cranian Defence Command
Cranish Defence Intelligence Service
Cranian Home Guard
HeadquartersFriborg, Crania
Commander-in-ChiefQueen Margratha II
Minister of DefenceJørgen Mørk
Military age18
ConscriptionRequired by law, but never enforced.
Active personnel327,000, plus additional 189,000
Reserve personnel1.4 Million
Budget♅51.2 billion
Percent of GDP2%

The Cranish Defense is the unified armed forces of the Kingdom of Crania, charged with the defense of Crania.

The Queen is the Commander-in-chief in accordance with the Cranian constitution, and under the Cranish Defense Law the Minister of Defence serves as the commander of the Cranish Defense (through the Chief of Defense and the Deference Command) and the Cranish Home Guard (through the Home Guard Command). De facto the Cranish Cabinet is the commanding authority of the Defense, though it cannot mobilize the armed forces, for purposes that are not strictly defense oriented, without the consent of parliament.

Purpose and task

The purpose and task of the armed forces of Crania is defined in Law no. 522 of February 27, 2011 and in force since March 1, 2011. It defines three purposes and six tasks.

Its primary purpose is to prevent conflicts and war, preserve the sovereignty of Crania, secure the continuing existence and integrity of the independent Kingdom of Crania and further a peaceful development in the world with respect to human rights.

Its primary tasks are: NSTO participation in accordance with the strategy of the alliance, detect and repel any sovereignty violation of Cranish territory, defense cooperation with non-NSTO members, especially Central and East Gondwana countries, international missions in the area of conflict prevention, crises-control, humanitarian, peacemaking, peacekeeping, participation in Total Defense in cooperation with civilian resources and finally maintenance of a sizable force to execute these tasks at all times.

Special forces

  • Silver Raptors: Ground based infiltration unit
  • Defonloark: attack and infiltration unit



  • A EC-135J for maritime patrol in the Caven Sea as part of NSTO Allied Maritime Command.
  • 35 soldiers in Atiland participating in NSTO's Atiland Force, guarding the Kuthern Camp Golden Knight.
  • 97 people in Latianburg as part of Resolute Support Mission.
  • RCS Nuvett patrolling the Arcturian Sea for human trafficking


  • Accepts 82,000 refugees. Sends 600 Peacekeepers, 320 Police, 190 Firefighters, 3 Trauma Medic teams and 430 Medical Personal. Will Donate 420 Million SHD for aid and plans to rebuild infrastructure., as part of PKFUIF.

Total defense Total Defense, is a collection of the military, Home Guard, Cranish Emergency Management Agency and elements of the police to ensure effective and coordinated efforts, in cases of crises, disasters or major incidents.