Oahuoa Uye

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The Esteemed
Oahuoa Uye
Minister of Defence
In office
6 July 2018 – Present
LeaderMaui Uye-Ahua (2019 - present), Locklyn Le Roy (2018) Jonathan Dunes (2016)
Preceded byIma Ute
Chief of the Defence Staff
In office
Preceded byAdm Raki Toka
Succeeded byGen Barry Iparoha
Personal details
Oahuoa Uye

(1957-04-24) 24 April 1957 (age 67)
Tokapa, the Oan Isles
Political partyPacifist Party of the Oan Isles
SpouseMx Mina Uye (January 17, 2001; 23 years ago (2001-01-17))
ResidenceTokapa, the Oan Isles
Alma materUniversity of Tokapa

General Oahuoa Uye (commonly known as "The General") is a politician and former air force general who served as the incumbent Minister of Defence of the Oan Isles. He has served in this position since 2016 after being appointed by his brother - former Emperor Ehe - on the advice of former Prime Minister Jonathan Dunes. He served in the same post under former Prime Minister Locklyn Le Roy, but left the Cabinet briefly before being reinstated under Prime Minister Maui Uye-Ahua in 2019.

He previously served as the Chief of Defence Staff of the Oan Defence Force and, prior to that, as Chief of the Air Force. His military career spans 40 years, starting in 1977, when he joined the military. His father was former Emperor Tamatea III. Because he was born outside of marriage, he was barred by the old Succession Law from becoming the heir to the throne. Thus, he is the older brother to former Emperor Ehe and the uncle to reigning Emperor Oahoanu. He is affiliated with the Pacifist Party and is commonly typified as a Conservative.

Early life and education

He was born to Emperor Tamatea and Ana Marama in 1957 in Tokapa, the Oan Isles. He was the late Emperor's eldest son. However, his parents never married, preventing him from having a claim to the throne. The law of Succession, at the time of his birth, prevented illegitimate children from inheriting the throne. To save face, it was arranged that Ana Marama would have sole custody of the child and Tamatea would be responsible for financial maintenance. Tamatea's second son, Ehe was born several years later. Tamatea's wife, Serene Consort Catherine believed that her son, Ehe, should know his brother. Thus, Oahuoa and Ehe played together as children and developed a close bond. Oahuoa has described himself as Ehe's Guardian ever since.

His mother eventually married Karai Uye, son of Chief Tira Uye. It was agreed that Karai would adopt Oahuoa and raise him as his own. Thus, Oahuoa became a member of the Uye clan and received the Uye surname. His family lived in Tokapa. In high school, he was teased by his schoolmates who called him cruel names such as "The Emperor's Bastard". Although he did not like his birth father, he had a strong sense of honor. Thus, he attacked and wounded the students who disrespected him. The school wanted to expel him but dropped the case after it was found that the other students had dishonored him. His parents advised him to attend a military-style school instead. Although he hated it at first, he warmed up to the school and even liked it.

Military career

He liked his school so much that when he completed his A-levels at the age of 20, he joined the military. After completing his basic military training, he passed the entrance test to become a pilot when he was 23. His colleagues described him as honorable, brave and loyal. Although these qualities endeared him to his fellow soldiers and encouraged fondness from his superiors, he was infamous for struggling to obey authority.

This came to a head when he had a rescue mission. In spite of his commander's instruction to wait for better weather, he took a helicopter with his co-pilot to rescue sailors stuck at sea. On the mission, he rescued everyone but his co-pilot died. He was tried by a military court and found guilty of insubordination and negligence leading to the death of a colleague for which he was imprisoned on Tongamotu Island for 2 years. After serving his sentence he returned to the air force and worked in strategy and support. He rose through the ranks and rehabilitated his image. He was fortunate that he had allies who believed that despite his insubordination, he was brave. He rose through the ranks and became the Chief of the Air Force. Following the resignation of the Chief of the Defence Staff, Admiral Raki Toka, he was appointed Chief of the Defence Staff.

Political career

He was appointed Minister of Defence by Jonathan Dunes. In 2017, Oan News accused him of assisting Emperor Ehe to frame Al Jaheed (a terrorist group from Latianburg) for an explosion at the headquarters of the Oan Intelligence Bureau. He vehemently denied the allegations and no conclusive evidence was found to corroborate the story. Despite its protests, Oan News was fined for violating journalistic practices and for the damage to his reputation. Nevertheless, he was reluctant to punish Oan News for the allegations, leading the charges to be dropped. He later resigned after serving briefly under Dunes's successor, Locklyn Le Roy.

He was named as a respondent in a case brought to the Supreme Court of the Oan Isles by Freedom International. Together with several government officials, he was accused of allowing Emperor Oahoanu and to a lesser extent Emperor Ehe to exert disproportionate influence over decision-making during the Auroran-Pacific War. He was later acquitted of all charges and Freedom International had to pay his legal costs (despite winning the overall case against the other respondents). In 2019, he was appointed by Emperor Oahoanu on the advice of Prime Minister Maui Uye-Ahua to his previous role of Minister of Defence.

He is affiliated with the Pacifist Party led by Kia Uye and is broadly associated with the Conservative movement. This is because he seems to favour strategic intervention in the internal affairs of the Oan Isles' neighbours, alliances with constitutional democratic monarchies such as Great Morstaybishlia and Kuthernburg and expansion of the armed forces. He has been instrumental in increasing recruitment and capital investment despite being overshadowed by Foreign Minister Arana Marama who spearheaded military aid negotiations with Morstaybishlian Prime Minister Franklin Barvata.

Personal life

He is not married and has no children. He is the paternal uncle to Emperor Oahoanu, and thus a grand-uncle to Crown Prince Moana, future Emperor of Polynesia.