Kia Uye

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The Esteemed
Kia Uye
Minister of Finance of The Oan Isles
In office
May 2016 – present
MonarchRangitanga-a-te-Moana Oahoanu
Prime MinisterMaui Uye-Ahua
Personal details
SpouseHunter Uye
  • Adam Uye
  • Agnes Uye

Kia Uye is a politician and accountant from the Oan Isles who currently serves the Minister of Finance and the senior member of the Pacifist Party of the Oan Isles. She originates from Tauranga a te Toka and attended the University of Tauranga a te Toka where she studied accountancy. She completed her trainership at Ita Marama and received chartered accountant status upon passing her board exams. She worked in Ita Marama for several years before running for Member of the Mayoral Council for Tauranga a te Toka where she served in the Finance portfolio. After a term in office she was elected a member of the National Assembly. After which, she became the chair of the Portfolio committee for finance. She was subsequently appointed Minister of Finance by Jonathan Dunes. After he left the government, he was succeeded by Locklyn Le Roy who kept her in her post. When Locklyn Le Roy was resigned due to embarrassment surrounding the collapse of the Auroran Union, she was elected party leader. Unable to form a government, she was kept as Finance Minister in the government of Maui Uye-Ahua.