Telve Kvirkdelen

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Telve Kvirkdelen
Regent of Helslandr
In office
October 11, 1979 – January 16, 2021
Succeeded byAstrid I
Supreme Minister of Helslandr
In office
October 11, 1979 – January 16, 2021
Succeeded byYlva Kattdalen
Personal details
Telve Kvirkdelen

(1900-05-20)May 20, 1900
Batkong, Lapérouse
Died16 January 2021(2021-01-16) (aged 120)
Parent(s)Henrik Kvirkdelen
Henriette Kvirkdelen
Military service
AllegianceRaven Front
Years of service1935-1979
RankMajor General

Telve Kvirkdelen was the Supreme Minister and Regent of Helslandr from 1979 until his assassination in the 16th of January 2021, making the longest serving leader of Helslandr, and one longest serving leaders on Urth as whole with him having lead Helslandr for 42 years. Telve took power after him and several other anti-socialist insurgents couped former Einarist goverment in Helslandr in 1979 with help from the NCIS. Since then his reign was most known for the opening up of the economy, reversing the collectivisation of the former government and reintroduction of religion into the country, reversing the state atheism of the former government. With him reforming the country into a constitutional monarchy, though ruling the country as the country’s regent after failure of finding a fitting monarch.

As such he was most known as a reformer in Helslandr and for the near cultish hero worship he has gotten within the country. Though after his announcement of Princess Astrid as the country’s monarch on 16th January, 2021. He was assassinated by a killer disguised as a security guard. The aftermath of his death gave way to a series of terrorist attacks, orchestrated by the Iron Front in Helslandr. Which two weeks after escalated into a full blown Civil War.

During the collapse of the Queendom of Lapérouse his family would find itself moving up north to what is modern day Helslandr, with him and his brother joining an Anti-Socialist insurgent group known as the Raven Front (RF) in 1935. The RF being made up of a broad coalition of Royalists, Conservatives and Nationalists that actively fought against the Frilandr government operating mainly within Helslandr. After an Einarist Military coup in 1939 toppled the democratically elected government of Frilandr, causing the Frilandr Civil War, the RF swelled in numbers as many liberal minded republicans joined in opposition to the new Einarist government. With Telve becoming commander of the RF in 1955, becoming popular among not just fellow insurgents but also among the general public as the Helslandrer government cracked harder and harder on dissent. With active Norgsveltian support the RF was able to topple the Einarist government during what became known as the 1979 Helslandrer Revolution. In which Helslandr was reorganised into a constitutional monarchy with Telve acting as the country’s regent.