Telve Kvirkdelen

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Telve Kvirkdelen
Lord Commander of Helslandr
In office
October 11, 1965 – January 16, 2021
Personal details
Telve Kvirkdelen

(1900-05-20)May 20, 1900
Varghallen, Helslandr
Died16 January 2021(2021-01-16) (aged 120)
Parent(s)Henrik Kvirkdelen
Henriette Kvirkdelen
Military service
AllegianceSocialist Republic of Helslandr (1947-1965)
Branch/serviceUnion Army
Years of service1947-1965
Battles/warsHelslandr Military Coup

Lord Commander Telve Kvirkdelen was the military dictator of Helslandr from 1965 until his assasination in the 16th of January 2021, making the longest serving leader of Helslandr, and one longest serving leaders on Urth as whole with him having lead Helslandr for 55 years. Telve took power after him and several other military commanders and officers couped the former communist goverment in Helslandr in 1965 though they were also funded by the NCIS. Since then his reign was most known for the opening up of the economy, reversing the collectivsation of the former goverment and reintroduction of religion into the country, reversing the state atheism of the former goverment.

As such he was most known as a reformer in Helslandr and for the near cultish hero whorship he has gotten within the country. Though after his announcement of Princess Astrid as his successor in 16th January, 2021. He was assassinated by a killer disguised as a security guard. The aftermath of his death gave way to a series of terrorist attacks, orchestrated by the Iron Front in Helslandr. Which two weeks after escelated into a full blown Civil War.

During the Great War he served in the Frilandr Army at the age of 16 with his battalion being sent to Rikevaarland. After the Great War a Socialist revolution in Frilandr began in which he joined the new Frilandr Red Army, becoming a officer after a decade. Being one of the military officers that supported the communist coup in Frilandr in 1947. In which he served during the Frilandr Civil War. After the end of the Civil War he became disillusioned with communism, though stayed loyal to the goverment as a Major General until his decision to coup the Communist Goverment of Helslandr with several other military officers and generals, with support from the NCIS.