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Other languagesNorgsveltian, Eyjarian
Composition Helslandr
Today part ofYasteria and Concord

Vestrava is a subregion in northwestern Yasteria with strong historical, cultural, and linguistic ties. Vestrava consists of nations that were formerly colonies by the Norgsveltian Empire, explaining their many similarites.

The three nations of Vestrava in Yasteria formerly made up the nation of Frilandr, which broke apart in the 1940s under a communist military dictatorship, which has led to the region's synonymous hatred of communism. Though interestingly, these nations have very strong democratic socialist and social democrat sympathies within their population.

Nakosa is unique from the other three nations in that the majority religion is actually Ademarism instead of Ulvriktru, this is due to the many Ademarist natives who lived there, having descended from the ancient kingdom of Gliat Shea, where Ademarism originated from.