Iron Front (Helslandr)

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Iron Front
CountryHelslandrflag.jpg Helslandr
Garrison/HQVargshallen, Helslandr
Nickname"The Darken Stars"
Motto"Jern fronten bevarer nasjonen!" Staynish: The Ironfront protects the nation!
Fører CommanderTirlid Kvirkdelen
Commander SecretaryPeline Sorttelle

The Iron Front is a statefunded Helslandrer Nationalistic paramilitary organisation. It was formed as merger of several nationalistic and anti-communist movements to help with getting rid of alleged communist loyalists after the Helslandr Military Coup in 1965. It has been lead by Tirlid Kvirkdelen since its formation in 1965. Though not officaly supporting Hirdism many have accused its leader, Tirlid, for having hirdist sympathies, on which Tirlid has refused to make comments. Rather Tirlid himself has called his ideology, "National Revolutionarism" in which he stated he takes the spirit of a socialist revolution, to fit a nationalist one.