Peper Colony

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Peper Colony

Flag of Peper Colony
Flag of Peper Colony
Anthem: Along the River Vistara
Peper Colony.png
Map of Peper Colony, with claimed territories controlled by Stratarin in light green
Common languages
Official language
Unofficial minority languages
Salovia, Zetian
GovernmentColonial Government
• 1901-1909
Alfred II
• 1909-1910
Stijn I
• 1910
Tyrene I
• 1901-1909
Dirk Hoebek
• 1909-1910
Karl Lovink
Historical eraAge of Industry - Time of War
• Arendstad Act
28 November 1901
• West Cerenerian Act of Union
26 October 1910
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Vistari West Cerenerian Colonies
Vistari West Cerenerian Dominions
Today part of Wescernia (KVC)

Peper Colony was a colonial posession of the Vistari Empire, formerly one of the three territories making up the Vistari West Cerenerian Colonies, before the union was split to create the Dominion of K'undzeti.